Tytonidae – Barn Owls

Barn Owl by Dave's BirdingPix

Barn Owl (Tyto alba) by Dave’s BirdingPix

the little owl and the short-eared owl, the barn owl (Deuteronomy 14:16 ESV)

CLASS – AVES, Order – STRIGIFORMES, Family – Tytonidae – Barn Owls

Latest I.O.C. Version
Species (20)

Greater Sooty Owl (Tyto tenebricosa)
Lesser Sooty Owl (Tyto multipunctata)
Minahassa Masked Owl (Tyto inexspectata)
Taliabu Masked Owl (Tyto nigrobrunnea)
Moluccan Masked Owl (Tyto sororcula)
Manus Masked Owl (Tyto manusi)
Golden Masked Owl (Tyto aurantia)
Australian Masked Owl (Tyto novaehollandiae)
Sulawesi Masked Owl (Tyto rosenbergii)
Red Owl (Tyto soumagnei)
Western Barn Owl (Tyto alba)
American Barn Owl (Tyto furcata)
Eastern Barn Owl (Tyto javanica)
Andaman Masked Owl (Tyto deroepstorffi)
Ashy-faced Owl (Tyto glaucops)
African Grass Owl (Tyto capensis)
Eastern Grass Owl (Tyto longimembris)
Congo Bay Owl (Phodilus prigoginei)
Oriental Bay Owl (Phodilus badius)
Sri Lanka Bay Owl (Phodilus assimilis)


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Barn-owls (family Tytonidae) are one of the two families of owls, the other being the true owls, Strigidae. They are medium to large sized owls with large heads and characteristic heart-shaped faces. They have long, strong legs with powerful talons. They also differ from Strigidae in structural details relating in particular to the sternum and feet.

The barn owls are a wide ranging family, although they are absent from northern North America, Saharan Africa and large areas of Asia. They live in a wide range of habitats from deserts to forests, and from temperate latitudes to the tropics. The majority of the 16 living species of barn owls are poorly known. Some, like the Red Owl, have barely been seen or studied since their discovery, in contrast to the Common Barn Owl, which is one of the best known owl species in the world. However, some sub-species of the Common Barn Owl possibly deserve to be a separate species, but are very poorly known. (Wikipedia with editing)

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