Circle B Bar Reserve, FL

Wood Storks in Top of Tree by Lee

These are some of our Birdwatching Adventures at Circle B Bar Ranch Reserve (They have shortened the name to Circle B Bar Reserve)

May 15, 2008
Circle B Bar Reserve Re-opening Nov 1, 2008
Circle B Bar Reserve Grand Re-opening
Circle B Bar Reserve – Future of Birdwatching
Circle B Bar Reserve Birdwatching 11/28/08
Birdwatching 12/18/08
Birdwatching Trip – 2/24 & 3/10/09
Birdwatching 09-18-09 at Circle B Bar Reserve
Birdwatching – 09-25-2009
Birds of the Bible – Stork II
Birdwatching at Circle B Bar Reserve – October
Birdwatching at Circle B Bar Reserve – 12/23/09
Birdwatching at Circle B – 10/01/2010
Birdwatching at Circle B Bar Reserve – Jan 2011 (Watching 1000’s of Pelicans)
Birdwatching at Circle B – 4/22/11
Birdwatching Trip to Circle B in March 2012
Seeing Pink at Circle B Bar Reserve
Seeing Pink at Circle B Bar Reserve – Gallery
Birdwatching at Circle B Reserve – June 8
Birdwatching at Circle B Bar Reserve – 10/26/13
Birds of the Bible – American Bittern
Circle B After Recent Rains
Photos from Circle B and MacDill Shore
Fantastic Week-end
Circle B Birdwatching Trip – February 2015
Lord’s Avian Wonders – Gnatcatcher Preening
Great Horned Owl Youngsters

Here are some links about the Circle B Bar Reserve:
Circle B Bar Reserve
From the Southwest FL Water Management
Central Florida-Mania, Part Two
Birdwatching in Polk County – December 2009

My Observed List of Birds at Circle B Bar:

My Circle B Life List

Updated 22-Dec-15

Alphabetic Taxonomic
Date 1st Seen
1 Black-bellied Whistling-Duck 1-Nov-08
2 Wood Duck 10-May-08
3 Mallard 16-Mar-12
4 Mottled Duck 9-Feb-07
5 Blue-winged Teal 9-Feb-07
6 Green-winged Teal 18-Jan-11
7 Ring-necked Duck 28-Nov-08
8 Lesser Scaup 10-Nov-12
9 Hooded Merganser 9-Feb-07
10 Ruddy Duck 16-Jan-12
11 Northern Bobwhite 10-May-08
12 Pied-billed Grebe 1-Nov-08
13 Wood Stork 9-Feb-07
14 Double-crested Cormorant 10-May-08
15 Anhinga 10-May-08
16 American White Pelican 9-Feb-07
17 American Bittern 28-Nov-08
18 Great Blue Heron 9-Feb-07
19 Great Egret 9-Feb-07
20 Snowy Egret 9-Feb-07
21 Little Blue Heron 9-Feb-07
22 Tricolored Heron 9-Feb-07
23 Cattle Egret 9-Feb-07
24 Green Heron 9-Feb-07
25 White Ibis 9-Feb-07
26 Glossy Ibis 9-Feb-07
27 White-faced Ibis 23-Dec-09
28 Roseate Spoonbill 9-Feb-07
29 Black Vulture 9-Feb-07
30 Turkey Vulture 9-Feb-07
31 Osprey 10-May-08
32 Swallow-tailed Kite 8-Jun-13
33 Northern Harrier 9-Feb-07
34 Cooper’s Hawk 1-Nov-08
35 Bald Eagle 9-Feb-07
36 Red-shouldered Hawk 9-Feb-07
37 Red-tailed Hawk 9-Feb-07
38 Sora 16-Jan-12
39 Purple Gallinule 9-Feb-07
40 Common Gallinule 9-Feb-07
41 American Coot 9-Feb-07
42 Limpkin 1-Nov-08
43 Sandhill Crane 9-Feb-07
44 Killdeer 9-Feb-07
45 Black-necked Stilt 10-May-08
46 Greater Yellowlegs 9-Feb-07
47 Lesser Yellowlegs 28-Nov-08
48 Least Sandpiper 9-Feb-07
49 Wilson’s Snipe 9-Feb-07
50 Laughing Gull 23-Dec-09
51 Ring-billed Gull 28-Nov-08
52 Royal Tern 6-Apr-13
53 Mourning Dove 9-Feb-07
54 Barred Owl 18-Jan-11
55 Belted Kingfisher 9-Feb-07
56 Red-headed Woodpecker 23-Dec-09
57 Red-bellied Woodpecker 9-Feb-07
58 Downy Woodpecker 24-Feb-09
59 Hairy Woodpecker 8-Jun-13
60 Pileated Woodpecker 1-Nov-08
61 American Kestrel 9-Feb-07
62 Merlin 18-Feb-10
63 Peregrine Falcon 9-Feb-07
64 Eastern Phoebe 9-Feb-07
65 Ash-throated Flycatcher 23-Dec-09
66 White-eyed Vireo 28-Nov-08
67 Blue-headed Vireo 24-Feb-09
68 Blue Jay 1-Nov-08
69 Fish Crow 9-Feb-07
70 Purple Martin 18-Feb-10
71 Tree Swallow 9-Feb-07
72 Tufted Titmouse 24-Feb-09
73 House Wren 28-Nov-08
74 Sedge Wren 9-Feb-07
75 Carolina Wren 9-Feb-07
76 Blue-gray Gnatcatcher 9-Feb-07
77 American Robin 9-Feb-07
78 Gray Catbird 24-Oct-09
79 Northern Mockingbird 28-Nov-08
80 Black-and-white Warbler 10-Nov-12
81 Common Yellowthroat 24-Feb-09
82 Magnolia Warbler 16-Mar-12
83 Palm Warbler 9-Feb-07
84 Pine Warbler 28-Nov-08
85 Yellow-rumped Warbler 9-Feb-07
86 Savannah Sparrow 9-Feb-07
87 Northern Cardinal 9-Feb-07
88 Red-winged Blackbird 10-May-08
89 Eastern Meadowlark 9-Feb-07
90 Common Grackle 1-Nov-08
91 Boat-tailed Grackle 10-May-08
92 Brown-headed Cowbird 10-Nov-12
93 Orange-crowned Warbler 8-Nov-14
94 Painted Bunting 22-Dec-15
95 Great Horned Owl – Youngsters 22-Feb-16


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