Birdwatching on 12/18/08

We went birdwatching last Thursday, the 18th of December, on a very foggy morning. We were at Circle B Bar Reserve at 7:10am. When we started it was 59 degrees F. We parked up by the new Nature Center and walked out to the “Heron Hideout” path. Here is a list of the birds observed there in the order we spotted them:
White Ibis 6+, Great Blue Herons, Killdeer, Carolina Wren, Wood Storks 75+, Palm Warblers, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Cormorants 15+, Kingfisher, Great Egrets 10+, Glossy Ibis 4+, Tricolored Herons, Eastern Phoebe, Sandhill Cranes 2, Limpkin, Pileated Woodpecker, (an Otter), Coots 10+, Pied-billed Grebe 2, Northern Harrier 1, Common Moorhens 10+, Blue-gray Gnatchatcher, Osprey 3, Roseate Spoonbills 4, Downy Woodpecker, Little Blue Herons, Tree Swallow, Green-Winged Teal, Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks, Muscovy, Red-shoulder Hawk, (what I think is a Hooded Warbler), Red-bellied Woodpecker, Redwing Blackbirds, Boat-tailed Grackles, Blue Jay, Morning Doves 5, (36 species) plus several unknowns. Not a bad 2 hours of birding.

Me, feeding the beggars!

Me, feeding the beggars!

We left there at 9:00 am and drove over to Lake Hollingsworth in Lakeland. At 9:10 most of the fog had cleared and it was up to 66 already. With bread in hand, I was attacked again by the local beggars (see photo). After the Geese, Mallards, White Ibises, Ring-billed Gulls, Boat-tailed Grackles, Common Moorhens and Purple Gallinules got my offerings, I proceeded to go see what else was around. The rest of the adventure turned up Anhingas, Cormorants, Great Blue Herons, Mottled Ducks, Great Egrets, Muscovy, Limpkins 4, Osprey 10+, Tricolored Heron 2, Pied-billed Grebes, Coots, American White Pelicans 11, Brown Pelicans 5, Little Blue Heron, Wood Storks, Black-crowned Night-Heron, Eastern Phoebe, Common Grackles, Caspian Tern. (26) Not bad for an hour of viewing.
Putting the 36 plus the 8 different ones together, gives 44 bird species and a one Otter morning. Again, I am thankful for the opportunity to view and enjoy God’s critters and see His handiwork.

Here are a few photos:


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For other birdwatching trips to the Circle B Bar Reserve


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