Complete Creation by Ian Juby

The Complete Creation is a series of video by Ian Juby of Creation Ministries of Ian Juby. Ian is “the president of CORE Ottawa, Citizens for Origins Research and Education.” He is “also the director of the Creation Science Museum of Canada, a member of Mensa Canada and the president of the International Creation Science Special Interest Group for Mensans.” He has also had extensive personal studies in Origins for about the past eighteen years. These are very interesting videos on creation. There are at least 20 and counting. I hope you enjoy them. Ian Juby has given me permission to “Ya – go for it, post away with the videos.” Thank you, Ian Juby.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth

Part 1 : Creation/Evolution, Who Cares?
An exhaustive look at the Creation/Evolution debate with Ian Juby. In this video, Ian introduces Creation and Evolution, and explains why the subject is important. He then introduces the history of the old earth and evolutionary theory.

Part 2: The Old Earth Deception/Evidence for the Global Flood of Noah
In this video, Ian expounds on the history of the debate, and closes this video with the beginning of the profound evidence for the global flood of Noah.

Part 3: Continued from Part 2: Evidence for the Global Flood of Noah.
In this episode, lecturer Ian Juby delves into the profound evidence of the Global Flood of Noah, as well as some first-hand research.

Part 4: Continued from Part 3: Evidence for the Global Flood of Noah.
In this episode, Ian cleans up the evidence for the global flood, and then opens the segment on how the “Present cannot be the key to the past.”

Part 5: The present still cannot be the key to the past (continued)
Continuing on with the present theme, Ian gives an overview to even more evidence that demands extremely energetic processes in the past, leading to his claim that only the Bible can be the key to the past. More evidence of Noah’s flood, and some of Ian’s first hand research around North America.

Part 6: The Bible is the key to the past
Ian continues to show why the present cannot be the key to the past, and how the bible can be the key to the past.

Part 7: What would Jesus believe?
In this segment, Ian delves into the theology of the debate, showing how the scriptures, and Jesus Christ, and the Apostles leave no room for any other interpretation but a young earth and recent creation. He then explains Radiocarbon dating and introduces dating methods.

Part 8: Dating Methods/Man and Dinosaurs
Ian shows how the “absolute” dating methods used on rocks aren’t so absolute – in fact the whole system is fraught with error from beginning to end. To finish off the idea of deep time and an old earth, Ian then introduces the compelling evidence that man and dinosaurs lived together and man has been around since the beginning of time.

Part 9: Intelligent man and dinosaurs
In this segment, Ian shows how it wasn’t just man and dinosaurs living together, but intelligent man. In fact, he was super-intelligent man. In this wild episode, ancient technology and out of place artifacts are discussed.

Part 10: Nothing changes
Ian goes on to show evidence of dinosaurs in historic time, and the how the fossil record does not support evolution, but is instead powerful evidence for Creation. Nothing has changed in the fossil record – instead, life has reproduced faithfully after its kind, exactly as the bible said it would.

Part 11: The Fossil Record
Before dealing with the supposed fossil evidence for evolution, Ian discusses some of the strange oddities within the fossil record. The variation within modern species and the giants of the fossil record certainly make interpretation of the fossil record highly subjective! Why do we find dragonflies with four foot wingspans in the fossil record?

Part 12: Biology: The Greatest Enemy of Evolution

In this segment, Ian shows how time is not the “hero of the plot,” but actually combines with biology to become evolution’s arch nemesis. The origin of life and the origin of species is discussed from a biological perspective, and tied into the idea of deep time to show that evolution is in deep trouble.

Part 13: The Pre-flood World
In this segment, Ian gives an overview of the fascinating pre-flood model produced by the Creation Evidence Museum. Experiments with plants and animals show stunning results which seem to help affirm the Bible as literal history. This model also seems to explain the tropical Arctic and Antarctic, giantism in the fossil record, and longevity before the flood.

Part 14: The Pre-Floood World
In this segment, Ian explains the pre-flood model based on Genesis 1. In the second half, he then introduces the hydroplate model; a model to explain the global flood of Noah: Where the water came from, and where it went.

Part 15: The Hydroplate Theory
Ian finishes describing the hydroplate model and ties it into the pre-flood world. He then ventures in to the supposed evidence for evolution in the form of Darwin’s finches and the intermediate fossils.

Part 16: Intermediate Fossils
In this segment, Ian examines several intermediate fossils, revealing the subjectivity (and sometimes outright fraud) in interpreting the fossils. He then introduces Genesis in the Chinese language.

Part 17: Genesis and the Chinese
In this segment, Ian finishes the study on the story of Genesis embedded in the Chinese language. He then ventures into Astronomy and its relevence to creation.

Part 18: The First Cause
In this segment, Ian discusses “the first cause” of everything, and then opens the floor to Q&A

Part 19: The Detractors
In this segment, Ian corrects mistakes that were made in the video series, and begins to answer his detractors

Part 20: Answering the Detractors (continued)
In this episode, Ian discusses the Columbia river flood basalts, polystrate trees, and skeptical claims on Noah’s ark.

Part 21: continues Answering the Detractors
In this episode, Ian continues Answering the Detractors. Responding to criticisms regarding Mt. Ararat, and delving into case studies in radiodating that are reveal just how subjective the “absolute” dating methods and their supposed millions of years are.

Part 22: Skeptical arguments, dealing in detail with the “hominoids”
In this last episode of the series, Ian provides further resources for the series, and then finishes answering the skeptical arguments, dealing in detail with the “hominoids” – the supposed half-ape/half-human fossils.

Many of the explanations of the differesnt parts are from These videos and others of Ian Juby’s can be see atwazooloo’s Shared Videos.

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