Emu – The Model Father by A. J. Mithra

Emu – The Model Father

Emu (Dromaiusnovaehollandiae) by Ian

Emu (Dromaiusnovaehollandiae) by Ian

Mr. Emu is the most loving and caring
of all fathers of the bird community..
He not only builds the nest
in a semi-sheltered hollow
on the ground from bark,
grass, sticks and leaves
all by himself, but also incubates
the eggs alone and takes care of the chicks
all by himself..

JESUS neither sleeps nor slumbers
just to take care of all our needs..

During incubation,
he does not eat, drink or defecate,
but stands only to turn the eggs,
which he does about 10 times a day.
He will lose a third of his weight
during the eight week incubation period
and will survive only on stored body-fat
and on the morning dew,
that he can reach from the nest..

If these birds can survive
on morning dew,
we too are still surviving cos of
THE KING’S favor,which is like the morning dew…

Emu (Dromaiusnovaehollandiae) with chicks by Ian

Emu (Dromaiusnovaehollandiae) with chicks by Ian

Mr. Emu stays with the growing chicks
for up to 18 months,
defending them and teaching them how to find food.

JESUS is our shield and our defense,
we are the apple of HIS eyes..
HE is with us all the days of our lives..
Once as Mr. Emu starts brooding,

Mrs. Emu mates with other males,
but that’s still okay with Mr. Emu.
He’s really very kind because
as many as half the chicks in the brood
he incubates are fathered by others.
Incubation takes 56 days….

Surely. no one would like to be an Emu,
cos, we want our mate to be faithful…
How faithful are we to JESUS, our bride-groom,
who we also call as our Eternal father?
Are we with HIM all the days of our lives?
Are we loyal to HIM?
Just think….

The king`s wrath is as the roaring of a lion; But his favor is as dew upon the grass. (Proverbs 19:12 KJV)

Have a blessed day!

Yours in YESHUA,

A. J. Mithra

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Emus are in the Dromaiidae – Emu Family which is one of the Casuariiformes Order

Cassowary Seed Spreaders – A. J. Mithra

Cassowary Seed Spreaders

Cassowaries eat mainly
large colorful fruits,
and they are considered
as the vital “keystone” species
cos they eat,
and therefore distribute
so many large tropical rain forest fruits.

SouthernCassowary(Casuariuscasuarius) from Wikipedia

SouthernCassowary(Casuariuscasuarius) from Wikipedia

In fact, the Southern Cassowary
is probably the single most important
seed disperser of the
Australian tropical rain forest.
So far, over 200
Australian tropical rain forest plants
have been recorded
to be eaten by cassowaries

Though the bird is hard to be seen,
their scat can be quite
common and conspicuous,
and can contain up to
1 kilogram of seeds….

The survival of the rain forests
of Australia depends upon
the survival of these birds…

Have we ever realized that
the extension of God’s kingdom
depends upon how far and wide

How dare we expect to reap
goodness and mercy to follow us
all the days of our lives
when we haven’t sowed

If a bird can sow
hundreds of seeds,
in how many lives
have we sown,

He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.” Psalms 126:6 (KJV)

Have a blessed day!

Yours in YESHUA,
A J Mithra

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Cassowaries are in the Casuariidae Family of the Casuariiformes Order