Timmy and the Stork

Wood Stork by Lee

Wood Stork by Lee

I couldn’t resist this, because the Stork is one of our Birds of the Bible. And, besides that, this is funny.  This was printed in our local “Orange Peel Gazette” which comes out at least once a month and has jokes in it.

Timmy and the Stork

A man took his little boy to the zoo for the very first time. Each time they would see a new animal the little boy would ask, “What’s that?”  And each time the father would explain.  When they came to a pen with a very large bird inside the father said, “And that, Jimmy is a Stork.” The boy stood there for a few moments and the began to wave and say, “Hi! I’m Timmy!”  After several times of repeating this he finally turned to his father and exclaimed, “Guess I’m all grown up, Dad, he doesn’t recognize me.”

Timmy's delivery

Timmy’s delivery







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