Birdwatching Trip – South Lake Howard Nature Park

Wood Ducks

We had over 5″ of rain in the last two days, so when the sun finally came back out, it was time for another trip to the park. When we got there the water way up. The center area of the pond was under water and the birds were not hanging around much. But not to despair, there is always something to behold. Drowning ants had sacrificed some to preserve the majority and had taken over a little tree standing in water. We saw a female Red-winged Blackbird with her courting male nearby.

Fishing Hole

The Bald Eagle landed on his favorite tower. We watched a Cormorant checking out the pond and saw two alligators there also. There was a male and female Wood Duck swimming around together. We also saw a Hairy Woodpecker, Blue Jays, Boat-tailed Grackles, and Common Moorhens.
We crossed the road to the raised walkways and had a pleasant surprise to see a Snowy and Little Blue egret and three Tricolored Herons vying for position in the tall grasses at the edge of Lake Howard (in Winter Haven, FL). An Osprey flew over and the White Winged Doves were calling back and forth. We were heading back to cross the road and came upon a spectacular site. There were at least 5 Great Egrets, 6 Ibises, a Snowy Egret, 2 Wood Storks, and a Great Blue Heron fishing where the overflow water was coming out of a drain. Then I heard a Cardinal singing, saw 2 Common Grackles “purple morph” and the Monk Parakeets carrying-on. So, not a bad morning at all. The Lord made sure that they were being fed and so we got the blessing of watching them.

We also met a Christian there who writes poetry and he has given permission to quote some of his poetry. I hope he will write some more and post them here on the blog.

Here is a poem from his book, POETRY at its Best, Vol 1, by Kermit R. Holt.
The Snowy Egret
The egret which is known as snowy
has feathers which are very showy
Indeed, for these, it has been shot
till near extinction this bird got.
Finally before it breathed its last
for its protection laws were passed.
Its numbers gradually increased
and its existence had not ceased.
Populations haven’t grown enough
to overcome those times so tough.

Check out the Pictures taken today at:

South Lake Howard Nature Park

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