Birdwatching Trip – Lake Hollingsworth 7-29-08

Today we went birdwatching again at Lake Hollingsworth in Lakeland. From previous post, you can see we go there often. I especially like the fact that it has an asphalt walkway around the lake. Those who know me, know that after my back surgery two years ago my legs were messed up. Makes it nice to have a level place to walk. Anyway, today when Dan suggested going, I jumped at the chance. I have been so busy fixing this new website up, that I hadn’t been out birdwatching.
When we got there, I was immediately “attacked” by the local geese and ducks. They have been well trained to expect “treats” from people. With bread in hand, I could not feed them fast enough for their liking. The geese (not sure what kind) started pecking at me and pulling my clothes and nipping at me. It actually was quite comical. We all survived and went on down the walkway.
Here is what we observed: The Geese, Mallards and their families, White Ibises, Common Moorhens and their babies, Purple Gallinules and their juveniles, Pigeons, Boat-tailed Grackles, Anhingas hanging out to dry, Limpkins and three babies, Redwing Blackbirds and their juveniles, Ospreys, Great Egrets, Tri-colored Herons, a Little Blue Heron, a Tern, and some Fish Crows.
It was one of our “cooler” days with a light breeze. About 84 degrees when we started. We have been having some much-needed rain lately and the lake was up quite a bit since our last trip there.
P.S. I’ll be glad when you up north will send your birds back down to us. We miss seeing our “winter visitors.”

Hope you enjoy the photos. I was just a birdwatcher today and Dan was our photographer. So the photos are better, even though he hasn’t worked on them yet.

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