Appreciation For Fantastic Photographers

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation and thanks for the following Professional or Almost Professional Photographers who have given me permission to use some of their photos on this birdwatching site. They have fantastic pictures in their Galleries, which you will greatly enjoy. Please visit the links below to view some awesome pictures of birds and other subjects. These are the ones you see with that “looooong” lens sticking out in front of their cameras. They have a great God given talent to capture what they see as they look through those lenses.
With the help of photographs from them and others, I hope to improve previous and future blogs.

AestheticPhotos by Wade Dowdy
Dan’s Pix, by my husband, Dan
dparsons Photostream by Pastor BBC
Fotobirder by Steve Slayton
Gramps (Les)
Jim Fenton’s Galleries
Maji’s Photostream by Maji
Philip Kwong’s Galleries, he is in Hong Kong
Ray’s Wildlife Photography by Raymond J Barlow
WildStock Photography by Reinier Munguia
101-365 Galleries by Chris Heilman
Anthony 747

Updated: Aug 14
William Kwong Galleries, he is in Hong Kong

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