Galapagos: Showcase for Creation

Galapagos: Showcase for Creation, by John D. Morris, Ph.D.* is in this month’s Acts and Facts Magazine from Institute For Creation Research.

Here are a few excerpt from the article:

“The project’s leading question was: Is Galapagos a living laboratory for evolution or a showcase for creation?”

Flightless Cormorant on Galapogos

Flightless Cormorant on Galapogos

Darwin’s finches, “booby” birds, flightless cormorants, flamingos, frigate birds, etc.,”

“Evolutionists trumpet the several Galapagos finch “species” as arising by adaptation from one species. Creationists agree, but this did not happen through evolution. Normally the finch types segregate by lifestyle according to their beak shape, but in times of stress they interbreed and combine. No evolution here. The flightless cormorants are recognizably related to other species of cormorant on other continents, but these have lost the use of their wings. …”
(See Cormorant Family from Bird Families of the World to see the similarities)

For the whole article CLICK HERE.

Darwin’s FinchesEvidence supporting rapid post-Flood adaptation, by Carl Wieland, is an interesting article in the Creation Magazine.

Darwin’s Finches on Creation Wiki has a good article and photos of some of the finches.

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