Merry Christmas 2009

I’ve dusted off last years Christmas post and updated it some. But the message is still the same and I wanted to present our pastor’s illustration at the Cantata ’08. It has a very good message.

Christmas of 2009 is here and those of us at Lee’s Birdwatching Adventures; Lee, Dan, and Val, April, and Karen would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas. We are busy doing things for the special day when we celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. Val has still been busy cooking and baking, not to mention shoveling snow out there in Idaho. We are enjoying the warmth of Florida, but are busy, none the less (but not shoveling snow!). We are off to Tampa to visit relatives again this year and try not to eat “too” much. We hope your Christmas Day is just as enjoyable as ours will be.

During all the festivities, pause to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. We enjoy our birdwatching adventures throughout the year, and try to write and photograph our friends the birds, but our goal is to show God’s magnificent creation and point you to Him. We do not worship nature, but we do worship the Lord who created it all.

Please watch the video of my pastor, Nathan Osborne, III, as he gave an excellent illustration about birds out in the cold and snow. It helps to explain the true meaning of Christmas. (Part of our Christmas cantata, “From the Manger to the Cross”)

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