Birdwatching – Late January 2010

Monk Parakeet (myiopsitta-monachus) by Lee

Monk Parakeet (myiopsitta-monachus) by Lee

The last two days have been interesting for birdwatching. I have been sick and we finally were able to get out to see the birds. Today, while getting the mail out of the box, we looked up and saw 3 Sandhill Cranes with a Whooping Crane flying by. Wow! We have been seeing 1 Whooping Crane in with lots of Sandhills lately on the way to Bartow on the same hill side. But to have it fly over our house was amazing. They were headed toward that hill which is about 1.5 miles south of us. (Old Bartow Road)

Palm Warbler - yellow

Palm Warbler - yellow

Yesterday, Dan wanted to check out something on his camera, so we took our cameras and stopped by South Lake Howard Nature Park again. I think he was having “cabin fever” more than me. Most of what we saw were the normal birds for there, only less of them. They cleaned out an area and planted grass, but that “improvement” has not been welcomed by the birds. (nor us birdwatchers either)

What we saw were: Boat-tailed and Common Grackles, White and Glossy Ibises, Anhingas, a White-winged Dove, Monk or Quaker Parakeets building their nests-Condo on the power pole, Palm Warblers (yellow), many Tree Swallows, the Bald Eagle on the tower, Osprey, Turkey Vultures, White Pelicans flying by, Fish Crows, Tri-colored and Little Blue Herons, Eastern Phoebe, Cattle Egrets, and others.

These are mine and Dan’s photos.


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