Introducing New Videographers

Black-eared Shrike-babbler (Pteruthius melanotis) by Khong T Khoon

Black-eared Shrike-babbler (Pteruthius melanotis) by Khong T Khoon

From time to time we are blessed to receive the permission to use material from Photographers and/or Videographers. Recently, Khong Tuck Khoon gave his permission to use his videos and photographs. Khong is known as “wondersf” on YouTube and has over 800 video on his Birds of Malaysia channel.

Khong T Khoon’s  video of a Silver-breasted Broadbill (Serilophus lunatus)

Khong also has his regular website, Malaysian Birds, which has “Birds photos, Bird lists, Bird Calls & tips on birding in Malaysia.” There he has over 7,000 photos of birds from Malaysia. He has them listed from A to Z and by 57 Families. He is from Penang, Malaysia and is retired.

One of the interesting parts of his site is about the Nesting Birds stories he shows with photos. I really enjoyed the story of the Flameback and the Coppersmith, though part of the ending was sad.

Also, prior to “wondersf” giving his permission, “redshouldervids” gave us the honor of using his videos also. Both have been added to the sidebar, but I had failed to introduce Derek.

Long-eared Owl (Asio otus) by Derek

Long-eared Owl (Asio otus) by Derek or “redshouldervid”

Derek’s YouTube Channel is called “Birds, Other Wildlife and The World Around Us“, or “redshouldervids’s Channel“. Derek lives in Winchester, Hampshire, United Kingdom and is retired. Apparently he also spends his free time out videoing birds and other things.

Here is his video of a Singing Western Meadowlark.

Thanks to both of you for letting your photos and videos being made available for our readers to enjoy your views through your lens. Please visit their sites for many more delights.

If you would like to allow permission to use your handiwork and be added to our photographers and videographers, leave a comment or write us at:


Please leave a Comment. They are encouraging.

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