Genuine Blogger Award Given To This Blog

Genuine Blogger Award

Genuine Blogger Award

Sandra Conner has nominated me for the “Genuine Blogger” Award. What an honor and a very nice compliment from Sandra. Here is the e-mail I received from her.

Hi, Lee.  I am writing to let you know that I have nominated you for the “Genuine Blogger” Award.  You may have already received it, but I did not see it posted on your site.  Assuming I am not mistaken, you will find the details on my site at this link:

This nomination is most “genuine” (no pun intended), because you are one of the most sincere and genuine bloggers that I’ve met on here.
I received this award myself on April 17, and I am only now getting other people nominated.  Hopefully, with my awkward computer’s cooperation, I will be able to get to nominations for the “Versatile Blogger”Award tomorrow. (Which I nominated her for.)
Blessings.  Sandra

Wow! I am overwhelmed. This is the second award received in the last few weeks. Sandra Conner is a very talented Christian Writer and produces the Sandra Conner … By The Book blog. She is looking at life from behind the pen of a Christian writer and doing a very fine job of it. She also produces her first blog “Hangin’ Out With God,” which is a site devoted exclusively to things about the Lord Jesus Christ and ministry. Her second, “Happy Patriot,” is a blog on which she feel free to comment on any number of subjects, but mostly on patriotic and political issues. Her third blog, Sandra Conner … By The Book, is where this award came from. I have enough problems keeping up with this blog and she is doing three of them. Please stop by her sites for a visit and you will be blessed.

By humility and the fear of the LORD Are riches and honor and life. (Proverbs 22:4 NKJV)

The rules for accepting this award require me to tell my readers 7 random things about myself and then, of course, pay the honor forward by nominating 7 other bloggers for the Genuine Blogger Award as well.  So many of my blogging friends already have so many awards, I will try to be sure I choose from those who do not already have this one.

Seven Random Things About Me:

  1. I am a born again Christian who accepted the Lord as my personal Savior in 1960.
  2. Dan and I are coming up on our 49th Anniversary in July.
  3. It took 16 years to finish my degree from Bob Jones University. (Slow learner)
  4. I love going birdwatching and writing for this blog.
  5. My favorite color is blue.
  6. I am the last of nine children. (and the shortest)
  7. I enjoy serving the Lord even though I grumble now and then. :0)

Now for my nominations for the Genuine Blogger Award.  All of these bloggers are people whom I consider sincere people who appreciate their opportunity to blog and be a part of the WordPress blogging community — as I do.  I’m listing them in no particular order.  There are so many that it is going to be hard to only pick seven. All of them are great, and I encourage my readers to check them out.

My Nominations for the Genuine Blogger Award:

  1. Christian Nature – See the glory of God’s nature!
  2. ajmithra21 – Combines Birds and Music – very talented Christian
  3. The Birding Bunch – Amateur ornithologists with a Christian worldview
  4. Morningjoy’s Weblog – Thoughts and photos to share with you
  5. Bill of the Birds – Editor of Bird Watcher’s Digest, but also a great blogger
  6. Ivman’s Blague – “one French and German teacher’s humorous and serious perspectives on life…”
  7. Evidence of Design – “Creation Evidence in the World of Nature”

The rules for accepting the award are pretty simple:

Post an article stating that you have been nominated and include the name and link to the blogger who nominated you.

You should also include the logo of the award on your post, and in your sidebar (or on a permanent page) so that everyone who visits your site will know that you have won the award.

Tell your readers seven random things about yourself.

Pass the honor forward by nominating seven other bloggers that you feel deserve the award. Include links to their blogs in your post.

Notify those seven bloggers that you have nominated them.

There is no time limit for passing on the award. So if you don’t know very many bloggers yet, just go ahead and post the award on your site and nominate the few that you feel fit that category.  You can always add more later after you get to know them.

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God. (Colossians 3:16 ESV)


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