4 thoughts on “Vol. 2, No. 4 – Shore Lark

  1. I do love these videos that have the birds singing. There is just nothing quite like sitting quietly and listening to the birds singing — with no other sound to disturb the experience. There’s something so calming about it. I can understand why God chose to refer to birds so often in Scripture to make His points.

    The other thing that fascinates me when I get a chance to watch birds up close — as in this video — is how they support their entire bodies with seemingly so little effort on two spindly little legs.

    Thanks for posting these, Lee. I got to thinking today that I hadn’t been hopping around reading very many blogs lately. I’ve been pretty swamped with work and just posting the stuff on my own sites has pressed me for time. I may have been dumb to create three different ministry sites — apart from my authors blog. But each one does seem to reach a certain sector of people, and I just can’t bear to not put God’s words of hope and healing out there in as many venues as possible. Anyway, I’m finally getting around to visiting a little this weekend. Hope your eyes are going well.


    • Thanks again for commenting. Yes, I have spells when I get wrapped up in my 3 blogs also. Right now I am behind the scenes working again on the 3.3 Update. Just finished the 3.2 and now “here we go again.”
      Got good news and bad this week on the eye. It is healing and can still improve with time and it may not. I have gone from 20/40 to 20/50 in left eye. New lens is helping. Was questioning whether I made right decision to have it, and was assured that with out it, I might have become legally blind in that eye. So, that is good news that I did make a good decision. The Lord knows the outcome of the future for it.


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