Emberizidae – Buntings

Blue Bunting (Cyanocompsa parellina) Female ©WikiC

Blue Bunting (Cyanocompsa parellina) Female ©WikiC

Mine enemies chased me sore, like a bird, without cause. (Lamentations 3:52 KJV)

CLASS – AVES, Order – PASSERIFORMES, Family – Emberizidae – Buntings, New World Sparrows & Allies


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Species (44)

Crested Bunting (Emberiza lathami)
Slaty Bunting (Emberiza siemsseni)
Corn Bunting (Emberiza calandra)
Yellowhammer (Emberiza citrinella)
Pine Bunting (Emberiza leucocephalos)
Rock Bunting (Emberiza cia)
Godlewski’s Bunting (Emberiza godlewskii)
Meadow Bunting (Emberiza cioides)
White-capped Bunting (Emberiza stewarti)
Jankowski’s Bunting (Emberiza jankowskii)
Grey-necked Bunting (Emberiza buchanani)
Cinereous Bunting (Emberiza cineracea)
Ortolan Bunting (Emberiza hortulana)
Cretzschmar’s Bunting (Emberiza caesia)
Cirl Bunting (Emberiza cirlus)
Striolated Bunting (Emberiza striolata)
House Bunting (Emberiza sahari)
Lark-like Bunting (Emberiza impetuani)
Cinnamon-breasted Bunting (Emberiza tahapisi)
Gosling’s Bunting (Emberiza goslingi)
Socotra Bunting (Emberiza socotrana)
Cape Bunting (Emberiza capensis)
Vincent’s Bunting (Emberiza vincenti)
Tristram’s Bunting (Emberiza tristrami)
Chestnut-eared Bunting (Emberiza fucata)
Little Bunting (Emberiza pusilla)
Yellow-browed Bunting (Emberiza chrysophrys)
Rustic Bunting (Emberiza rustica)
Yellow-throated Bunting (Emberiza elegans)
Yellow-breasted Bunting (Emberiza aureola)
Somali Bunting (Emberiza poliopleura)
Golden-breasted Bunting (Emberiza flaviventris)
Brown-rumped Bunting (Emberiza affinis)
Cabanis’s Bunting (Emberiza cabanisi)
Chestnut Bunting (Emberiza rutila)
Tibetan Bunting (Emberiza koslowi)
Black-headed Bunting (Emberiza melanocephala)
Red-headed Bunting (Emberiza bruniceps)
Yellow Bunting (Emberiza sulphurata)
Black-faced Bunting (Emberiza spodocephala)
Grey Bunting (Emberiza variabilis)
Pallas’s Reed Bunting (Emberiza pallasi)
Japanese Reed Bunting (Emberiza yessoensis)
Common Reed Bunting (Emberiza schoeniclus)


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Dave’s BirdingPix
Keith Blomerley – Videographer
Nikhil Devasar’s Gallery
Ray’s Wildlife Photography
Reinier’s Wildstock Photos Gallery
SSlayton – Fotobirder at Smugmug

Internet Bird Collection – IBC

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Articles Mentioning Birds From This Family:

Emberizidae is a large family of passerine birds, which are typically known as buntings in the Old World and the New World. They are seed-eating birds with a distinctively finch-like bill.

Emberizids are small birds, typically around 15 cm in length, with finch-like bills and nine primary feathers. The family ranges in size from the Sporophila seedeaters, the smaller species of which are about 10 cm and weigh 9–10 grams, to the Abert’s Towhee, at 24 cm (9.5 in), and the shorter-tailed, but chunkier Canyon Towhee, at 54 grams (1.9 oz). They live in a variety of habitats, including woodland, brush, marsh, and grassland. The Old World species tend to have brown, streaked, plumage, although some New World species can be very brightly coloured. Many species have distinctive head patterns. (Wikipedia)

Most of the Family – Photos are Alphabetical down the columns:

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