South Lake Howard Nature Park

South Lake Howard Nature Park

South Lake Howard Nature Park

These are some of our Birdwatchng Adventures there:
Eagle I and  Eagle II
April 7, 2008
Stork photos at the park
Birdwatching – South Lake Howard Nature Park – February 2009
Birdwatching – Late January 2010
Birdwatching – South Lake Howard – 10-02-10

On the map, “B” is the main entrance and “A” is another parking lot. This is the closest one to the Bald Eagle’s nest.

2 thoughts on “South Lake Howard Nature Park

  1. This website is so helpful. My husband and I are new to birdwatching so we are looking for lots of info. We live in Lake Wales across the street from the lake. We are seeing so many different birds since we have put out different types of seed. Yesterday we saw a painted bunting for the first time, he visited the feeder off and on all day long. We also have had several house finches for the past 2 months, males and females. We are now going to visit the park just east of us on hwy60, we are looking for summer tanagers to check off on our list. Thanks for the wonderful info.


    • Hi Katie, and welcome to birdwatching. Sounds like you are being blessed so far with some neat birds at your feeders. The last Painted Bunting we saw was in Georgia on vacation. I’ve only seen 1 Summer Tanager in my life, so I’m rooting for you!


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