Interesting Things – Similar Features Show Design

Gilbert Sturart's Portrait of George Washington©WikiC

Gilbert Sturart's Portrait of George Washington©WikiC

Chimpanzee at Lowry Park Zoo by Lee

Chimpanzee at Lowry Park Zoo

Similar Features Show Design, Not Universal Common Descent by Randy J. Guliuzza, P.E., M.D. is a very interesting article from the October issue of the Acts and Facts from Institute for Creation Research.

“I’m related to George Washington,” an acquaintance announced after searching his genealogical record. He also believes he is closely related to chimpanzees. Though he doesn’t really look like either, all three do share a lot of similar features.

So, are similar looks or features enough to establish whether these three are related closely, remotely, or not at all in regard to their ancestry? No. Similar looks and features can be very deceiving. A true relationship is actually a fact-based connection. A line of connected birth certificates is factual evidence that can be verified. Just comparing similar features—or even DNA—to determine related ancestry is always an inference with a probability of being right ranging from high to zero.

For the rest of the article – Click Here. It is a very good article.