Birdwatching Trip – Santa Ana NWR

Last week was not conducive for birdwatching trips. Between windy overcast days, stormy rainy evenings, and doctor visits we didn’t get out and about, nor was I on the computer much. So, I have decided to share our visits to Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge in Alamo, Texas. That is way “down in the valley” and sits on the Rio Grande River. We spent two winters in our RV in that area and were able to visit the refuge.

The first time we visited (Nov 01’) with our friend Betty, who is an experienced birder. It is nice to have someone along who can help ID the birds. They have a welcome center that has some feeders right by the entry way. Within about 5-10 minutes, I was able to see my first Green Jay, Buff-bellied Hummingbird, Golden-fronted Woodpecker, Great Kiskadee, Inca Dove, Red-billed Pigeon and the Plain Chachalaca,. Some of the birds only come over the Rio Grande a few miles, so I was thrilled to see them. I am including pictures of them. These were taken with an older digital camera, so they are so so.


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