Day Three at the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival

Wilson's Snipe - Merritt Is. NWR by Dan

Wilson's Snipe - Merritt Is. NWR by Dan

Off we went again to the festival in 28 degree weather. Sure be glad when this cold front departs. Today’s seminars and workshops were very good. First, Dan and I attended “Bird Photography” by Joel Rosenthal, who gave a very good presentation on some ins and outs of photographing birds. Later, it was “Wading Birds” by Dr. Eric Stolen from Kennedy Space Center who studies the environment for the Wading Birds there on the Center.
Then I attended Alvaro Jaramillo’s “Field Marks We Haven’t Met Yet – Birding Outside the Box.” His idea of learning to ID birds is to observe and study them to where you just “know them”, like you would “just know” a person’s face. It was a very interesting lecture.
Then one of the highlights of the day was when I met up with Dawn, from Dawn’s Bloggy Blog. We enjoyed meeting each other and I hope to spend some more time chatting with her and Jeff. We were also concerned about Reinier Munguia, who was very sick yesterday and today. He does photography workshops here and is our friend who’s photos I use on the blog. He was a little better this afternoon.

So far, the Festival has been going very well, minus a small power outage this afternoon.

One thought on “Day Three at the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival

  1. Lee ….
    LOL…more dots…
    It was so very nice meeting you and your husband! I have enjoyed reading your blog and now i can picture a face and personality when I read it!
    See you around the next few days…….
    …. tee hee


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