Ian’s Bird of the Week – Introduction

Red-capped Robin

Red-capped Robin by Birdway

Ian Montgomery of Birdway’s Birds of the World Website, who has been one of the photographers used throughout this blog, has given me permission for a new series of articles. Ian lives in Australia and is a fantastic photographer. On his website he “invites you to enjoy the beauty and fascination of wild birds with his photos of more than 1,200 species from Australia and around the World.” As of a few days ago, the “site contains more than 4,600 photos of 1,218 bird species in the wild; 581 of these are on the main Australian list of Christidis & Boles, 2008.” There is much to discover on the Birdway Website.

Every week Birdway sends out a newsletter with a Bird of the Week. The newsletters have interesting information about the bird being featured and several photos of that bird. With his permission, the Bird of the Week will be featured here, with some additions of my own at the bottom. We trust you will enjoy learning about and seeing some birds that many of us here in America do not have the privilege to see.

But now ask the beasts, and let them teach you; And the birds of the heavens, and let them tell you. (Job 12:7 NASB)

Major Mitchell's Cockatoo by Ian

Major Mitchell's Cockatoo by Ian

That is one of my favorite “bird verses.” I enjoy learning about the wonderful birds and critters that have been created. When I see their beauty and behavior, and their bad sides also, there are lessons to learn. Let’s see what we can learn through observing the different “Birds of the Week.”

I can’t say that I will only do one a week, because he has been producing the newsletter for some time. I will have a hard time picking from the past ones. I just may have to double-up.

Please visit his website – Birdway’s Birds of the World
Also, to sign up for his newsletter – CLICK HERE

Thanks you, Ian, for this privilege.

See the first Bird of the Week – White-browed Babbler

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