Wow! More Awards! Thank You

Wow! I just received another award today and I haven’t even written up my latest one before that yet. Been busy gearing up a new blog with will launch soon. Oops! That is still a “secret” for a few more days.

These are the Awards that have been given to me and links to their websites and some information about those blogs:

Creationscience4kids has just nominated me for the Reader Appreciation Award. That is a very neat site that:
“This is a site to celebrate the amazing world God made.  This site is for all of you who love to learn new things about nature and science without a bunch of big words.  This site is also to help us all understand the differences between evolutionary thinking and young earth creationist thinking.  This site believes that God spoke everything into existence in six 24 hour days as stated in Genesis 1 and that the wold that then was perished in the global flood of Noah’s day as II Peter 3:6 says.

Seasonsgirl nominated me for the Inspiring Blog Award. She is a “I am a Christian, working wife, and puppy mom living with my husband, dogs, chickens, and disabled father in Virginia. We have a dream to someday own our own small ranch with horses, cows, goats, chickens, and dogs to boot. Right now we are working to start our family.” She has been visiting my blog, and I have been to her’s where she has some really neat photos and recipes. I am not a cook, but the photos are super.

Faithrises nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award. “Faithrises is a place for readers to be encouraged and motivated, through stories, quotes, and biblical examples.  My name is Faith, and I hope that you will be uplifted and inspired here, as you rise above personal difficulties and challenging circumstances.”

Sandra Conner nominated me for the Genuine Blogger Award. Sandra has this to say about her three blogs in her About section; “So here I am, Sandra Conner, beginning the “About Me” article on my third blog site, My first blog “Hangin’ Out With God,” is a site devoted exclusively to things about the Lord Jesus Christ and ministry. My second, “Happy Patriot,” is a blog on which I feel free to comment on any number of subjects, but mostly on patriotic and political issues. And today, I embark on number three, Sandra Conner…By The Book.

Previous to those, two nominated this blog for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Beauty and Brains nominated me back in April for this Award. Her site, “Beauty & Brains” is a blog geared for anyone and everyone. The “beauty” posts concern themselves with makeup/fragrance reviews and tutorials. Please note I am not paid to review products. All products were purchased by me for me. The “brains” posts consist of reviews of books, music, films, or any other item of conversation.”

and Dou Dou also nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. She makes “Handmade Art Birds and Animal Sculptures” and is very good at them. They appear to be right small, but nice details. She also write about other topics also.

We are suppose to tell 7 random things about ourselves and then pass them on to 7-15 other worthy bloggers. Personally, I would like to nominate all those who come to this blog and my Birds of the Bible blog for an Award. I appreciate all of you who stop by and read the articles. Many of you are following the blogs and leave likes and comments. There are more than 15 who do so. So how do you choose just a few?

Not sure what I would call it, maybe something like Thank You Award, or Thanks for Stopping By Award, Thanks For Your Support Award, or Thanks for putting up with my mistakes Award, or something like that. What ever it would be, you would all be nominated for it.

The Best Award any of us could hope to get is the “Well Done the good and faithful servant” Award from Our Lord Jesus Christ.

  1. Love you all and I do pray for all the visitors that stop by.
  2. I Love the Lord and He is my personal Savior (1960)
  3. Married almost 49 years (July 1963)
  4. Love birds and watching them and learning about them
  5. Graduated College after taking 16 years to do so (1977)
  6. I am thankful for all my family and friends
  7. Don’t have a bucket list – maybe I should

Now for the nominations. (This will be hard)

For the Reader Appreciation

All who are followers of this blog, you are nominated because you are appreciated. Not sure who started that award, but I think it needs to include more readers, which I just did.

If you chose to accept it, you are suppose to tell 7 random things about yourself, link back to this page, and then nominate who you think deserve the Reader Appreciation Award, then leave a comment on their blog or send an email with a link to the page that you nominated them.

For the Inspiring Blog Award

These sites come to mind as Inspiring:

The Fountain which is from my home church and has lots of inspiring articles on it.

Hearing His Voice – Learning to hear and recognize God’s voice

Hanging’  Out With God – A site devoted to getting up close and personal with God, through knowing and believing His Word.

The Birding Bunch – Amateur ornithologists with a Christian worldview.

Postcards from Colorado –  the joy of seeing, capturing, and sharing the images of our daily surroundings

Forest Forward – The Northeast’s Wildlife Photo Blog

The Sovereign – Living holy lives in light of prophecy and the return of Christ.


The Other Awards were written up previously.


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