Birds Vol 1 #6 – The Volume 1. January to June 1897 – Index

Grey Catbird (Dumetella carolinensis) by Africaddict

Grey Catbird (Dumetella carolinensis) by Africaddict



Birds, The Return of the pages 101
Bird Song 1 187-8
Bird Day in the Schools 129-138
Birds and Farmers – June 213
Black Bird, Red-winged, Agelaeus Phœniceus 64-68-70-71
Blue Bird, Sialia Sialis 75-76-78
Bobolink, Dolichonyx Gryzivorus 92-3-4
Bunting, Indigo, Passerina Cyanea 172-3
Catbird, Galeoscoptes Carolinensis 183-4-6
Chickadee, Black-capped, Parus Atricopillus 164-5-7
Cock of the Rock 19-21
Crossbill, American, Loxia Curvirostra 126-7
Crow, American, Corvus Americanus 97-8-100
Duck, Mandarin, A. Galericulata 8-9-11
Flicker, Colaptes Auratus 89-90
Fly-catcher, Scissor-tailed, Milvulus Forficatus 161-3
Gallinule, Purple, Ionoruis Martinica 120-1
Grebe, Pied-billed, Podilymbus Podiceps 134-5-7
Grosbeak, Rose-breasted, Habia Ludoviciana 113-115
Grouse, Ruffed, Bonasa Umbellus 218-220-221
Gull, Ring-billed, Larus Delawarensis 198-199
Halo, The, (National Council of Women) 150
Hawk, Marsh, Circus Hudsonius 158-159
Hawk, Night, Chordeiles Virginianus 175-6-8
Heron, Black-crowned, Nycticorax Nycticorax Naevius 196-7
Jay, American Blue, Cyanocitta Cristata 39-41
Jay, Arizona Green, Xanthoura Luxuosa 146-148
Jay, Canada, Perisoreus Canadensis 116-17-19
Kingfisher, American, Ceryle Alcyon 60-61-63
Lark, Meadow, Sturnella Magna 105-7-8
Longspur, Smith’s, Calcarius PictusLongspur, Smith’s, Calcarius Pictus 123-5
Lory, Blue Mountain 66-67
Mocking Bird, American, Mimus Polyglottos 192-193-201
Mot Mot, Mexican 49-57
Nesting Time 149-150
Nonpareil, Passerina Ciris 1-3-15
Oriole, Baltimore, Icterus Galbula 205-6-7
Oriole, Golden, Icterus Icterus 34-36
Oriole, Orchard, Icterus Spurius 154-5
Owl, Long-eared, Asio Wilsonianus 109-111-112
Owl, Screech, Megascops Asio 151-3-7
Owl, Snowy, Nyctea Nivea 209-210-211
Paradise, Red Bird of, Paradisea Rubra 22-23-25
Parrakeet, Australian 16-18
Parrot, King 50-51
Pheasant, Golden, P. Pictus 12-13
Pheasant, Japan 86-88
Red Bird, American, Cardinalis Cardinalis 72-74
Robin, American, Merula Migratoria 53-4-5-9
Roller, Swallow-tailed, Indian 42-43
Shrike, Loggerhead, Lanius Ludovicianus 202-203
Swallow, Barn, Chelidon Erythrogaster 79-80
Tanager, Red-rumped, Tanagridæ 30-31-33
Tanager, Scarlet, Piranga Erythromelas 214-216-217
Tern, Black, Hydrochelidon Ingra Surinamensis 103-104
Thrush, Brown, Harporhynchus Rufus 82-83-84
Thrush, Wood, Turdus Mustelinus 179-180-183
Toucan, Yellow-throated, Ramphastos 26-27-29
Trogon, Resplendent, Trogonidæ 4-7
Vireo, Yellow-throated, Vireo Flavifrons 189-191
Warbler, Black-and-white Creeping, Mniotilta Varia 222-224
Warbler, Prothonotary, Protonotaria Citrea 168-169-171
Wax Wing, Bohemian, Ampelis Garrulus 140-141
Woodpecker, California, Melanerpes Formicivorus Bairdi 130-131-133
Woodpecker, Red-headed, Melanerpes Erythrocephalus 45-46-47
Wren, Long-billed Marsh, Cistothorus Palustris 142-144-145

Img 3-6 - Birds Illustrated by Color Photographyelkhart lake.

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Img 1-6 - Birds Illustrated by Color Photography

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Img 2-6 - Birds Illustrated by Color Photography

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The first product was the January number of “BIRDS,” a monthly magazine, containing ten plates with descriptions in popular language, avoiding as far as possible scientific and technical terms. Knowing the interest children have in our work, we have included in each number a few pages of easy text pertaining to the illustrations. These are usually set facing the plates to heighten the pleasure of the little folks as they read.

Casually noticed, the magazine may appear to be a children’s publication because of the placing of this juvenile text. But such is not the case. Those scientists who cherish with delight the famous handiwork of Audubon are no less enthusiastic over these beautiful pictures which are painted by the delicate and scientifically accurate fingers of Light itself. These reproductions are true. There is no imagination in them nor conventionalism. In the presence of their absolute truth any written description or work of human hands shrinks into insignificance. The scientific value of these photographs can not be estimated.

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When “BIRDS” has won its proper place in public favor we shall be prepared to issue a similar serial on other natural objects, and look for an equally cordial reception for it.


To teachers we give duplicates of all the pictures on separate sheets for use in teaching or for decoration.
To other subscribers we give a color photograph of one of the most gorgeous birds, the Golden Pheasant.
Subscriptions, $1.50 a year including one premium. Those wishing both premiums may receive them and a year’s subscription for $2.00.
We have just completed an edition of 50,000 back numbers to accommodate those who wish their subscriptions to date back to January, 1897, the first number.
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How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God! How great is the sum of them! (Psalms 139:17 NKJV)

This is the sum of the birds done in this series.

I trust you have enjoyed Vol 1 of this The Birds, Illustrated by Color Photography.


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