10 thoughts on “Birds Vol 1 #3 – The Brown Thrush (Thrasher)

  1. “The cutest one of all is Brown Thrasher. I wonder if you know why they call me Thrasher. If you don’t, ask some one. It is really funny.”

    Alright, so I am asking you.

    I am looking forward to their return this spring. I so enjoy their song. We get them foraging under our feeders sometimes. I think it was the berries in the mix.


  2. Their common name describes the behaviour of these birds when searching for food on the ground: they use their long bills to “thrash” through dirt or dead leaves. All of these birds eat insects and several species also eat berries.
    From Wikipedia.
    Does that help?

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    • For the past 3 days my wife and I have repeatedly heard, and often seen, a Brown Thrasher pecking on our windows, both at a window in the front of our house and also at another in the back. (At first we thought it was a human knocking on the front door.) Not wanting to have broken windows, we make noise to shoo the beautiful bird away. (But it returns later.) In dull lighting it appears brown-backed; in bright sunlight its back plumage is bright copper-orange. Hopefully it will find a good place to nest that doesn’t involve pecking cracks in our windows!!


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  4. Thanks so much for the information. So much to learn. I frightened a bird on our suet and he flew to the ground. It fits everything except the bill seemed longer and was yellow. I am still puzzled

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