Noah Movie Review: An Unbiblical Film

Ark with Animals ©CreationWiki

Ark with Animals ©CreationWiki

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. (Genesis 1:1 NKJV)

A group of Answers in Genesis staff attended the opening of Noah last night in a local movie theater. With all the Hollywood hype and news surrounding the controversial film, we were surprised at the low turnout, with only twelve other people in the theater. We had heard many negative reports but were hopeful, based on other comments, that there may have been some redeeming qualities of the film. However, those hopes were dashed against the rocks harder than Hollywood’s ark when it ran aground in the film. This point should be one that jars us to attention, realizing that our hope is not in a Hollywood film but in something infinitely more redeeming in quality: the person and work of Jesus Christ.

There are four elements from the biblical account …. Noah Movie Review: An Unbiblical Film



7 thoughts on “Noah Movie Review: An Unbiblical Film

  1. We really can’t expect anything else from the world. Sinners are going to sin. It’s a foregone conclusion. They cannot keep from sinning until they have Jesus inside of them. They are also going to get all the facts from God’s Word wrong — partly because they want to tell the story their own twisted way — but partly because they genuinely cannot comprehend the truth. They are so blinded and demented in their reasoning ability — and spiritually dead as well — that they cannot discern truth accurately.

    I can’t imagine anyone who truly knows the Word even expecting to see something commendable in a movie created and produced by ungodly people. Even many of the media packages produced by Christians have a number of inaccurate representations of God’s real Word in them. They often fall back on man’s traditional teachings rather than the true meaning of scriptures based on the original languages. It’s just so vital that we teach people the pure Word of God as much as possible so that they can discern truth and error correctly.

    And that’s the point that worries me the most. In so many churches that I’ve had anything to do with over the past 10 years, there has been a famine of God’s Word. The so-called Bible classes have become coffee hours where people pay for a book written by someone who has written about his personal experience, whether Biblically interpreted or not, and they study that person’s book rather than God’s. And in the pulpits, there is more social gospel and promotion of man-inspired projects going forth than there is God’s Word.

    Movies like “Noah” are intended to blur the lines between God’s truth and the devil’s lies, and they provide another “wake-up” call to the Church: we must get back to SOLID teaching and preaching of God’s REAL Word in our churches and Christian TV program if we want people to be able to see the truth for themselves.


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