Birds of the Bible – Birds “Singing”?

In my recent article, I mentioned seeing two Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks in our yard. Whistling Duck Visitors. Scripture tells about birds singing. I am not sure if singing and whistling are the same, but for the sake of this post, they are. :)

“The flowers appear on the earth; The time of singing has come, And the voice of the turtledove Is heard in our land.” (Song of Solomon 2:12 NKJV)

On Saturday morning, we were up early and could hear a lot of sound coming from outside our back door. Here is what we were welcomed with:

This continued for several hours. They stayed all day. The whistling slowed down as they rested, napped, took baths, preened, and just hung out for the day.

The original group grew throughout the day. We estimated between 300-400 were there by late afternoon. We were eating our evening meal just before 5 p.m., and I was thinking that I would start videoing them again. All of a sudden, they all took flight. They were gone just like that. Kind of thinking that they had probably been resting for a night migration flight.

About a half hour later, a couple of small flocks came. Maybe they had been off eating somewhere and missed the mass exodus. By evening, about 50 or so spent the night.

There are some more videos to show with their encounter with a turtle. Stay tuned!

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4 thoughts on “Birds of the Bible – Birds “Singing”?

  1. What a treat to have so many avian wonders visit Lee. We love whistling ducks, though we do not see this specie down our way they are similar to our Wandering Whistlers. You managed to get some nice pics. I would see that as a sign of our Lord’s favor to have them land right near your home so you can enjoy them with Him. :-)

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    • It was really a treat. There are about 50 scattered out back now, but nothing like Saturday morning and throughout the day. Once that main flock left, it has sort of been “quiet.” 50 whistling versus hundreds definitely lessens the volume.


  2. Thanks for including the video. I had not idea what a duck’s whistle sounds like. Wow, they definitely were not lacking in volume. As for me, I’d definitely count whistling as singing. I help to lead singing at my church and I am fond of telling people who are reluctant to sing that the Bible tells them to make a “joyful noise” unto the Lord. :)

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