Day Four at the Space Coast Birding Festival

Today was another interesting day at the Birding Festival. I started the day off with Reinier Munguia’s (of Wildstock Photos) seminar on the “Life of Birds.” He did a very good job even though he still isn’t feeling all that well yet. He made it entertaining as well as informative.

Hundreds of Coots at Merritt Is NWR

Hundreds of Coots at Merritt Is NWR

Then, I attended the two seminars by Sharon Stiteler of the BirdChick Blog. She did one on “City Bird, Country Bird Housing and Feeding,” which helped clear up some questions I had about using meal worms and some other feeding questions. Her other seminar was, “BirdChick Blog: The New Nature Journal.” She did an excellent presentation and I learned many things that will help me with this blog. She is a very enthusiastic person. Thanks, Sharon. It was nice meeting you.

I finished up the day with the “Great Florida Birding Trail“, by Mark Kiser.  He showed many of the great places around the state to bird and what birds to expect there. He also introduced their new birding trip planning website which will be a great help. Poor Dan, he is going to have to take us on some more birding trips. He has been learning all those photography tips, so I doubt he won’t mind too much.

A new thing is in the mail for me to use, but that information will just have to wait to be told later. Needless to say, this Birding Festival has been very well run and it has been right enjoyable. I have seen some mighty great pictures and learned more facinating facts about the great birds the Lord has created. His creative Hand is so evident.

One thought on “Day Four at the Space Coast Birding Festival

  1. Hi Lee,
    I wasn’t able to take Birdchicks class. What good tidbits of information did she offer for blogging?
    I just started looking at the Florida birding trail website…what a wonderful tool. I cant wait to use it on our trip to the Panhandle.
    It was a pleasure to meet with you and your husband…I wished we had more time to chat…but there was so much going on…oh well…next time…


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