Day Five at the Space Coast Birding Festival

We had another great day at the Space Coast Birding Festival which ends tomorrow, Jan 26th. We are home now, but they continue on without us.

Dawn, Jeff and Me

Dawn, Jeff and Me

Met up with Dawn and Jeff several times again today. She does Dawn’s Bloggy Blog. Then off to some more workshops. First off was Reinier Munguia’s, “Bird ID for Kids” to help with some upcoming lessons with kids. Reinier was still not up to normal, so he let his daughter do the presentation. She is a 9th grader and did a  fantastic job. She has been in the field with her dad since she was 3 months old, straped on her father’s back.

In the afternoon it was “Taking the Fear Out of Identifying Gulls” by Alvaro Jaramillo of Field Guides, Inc. He did another great presentation and again I picked up some great information.

By the time that ended, I was in “information overload.” With all the workshops and seminars, birding, plus walking around the exhibits and chatting for the past few days, I was ready for “home.” So was Dan. When we did get home, a 90 mile drive, we found that the cold weather we have been having did “a number” on a few of the plants in the yard. Checked the outdoor temperature and it had gotten down to 26 degrees. We weren’t here to cover the plants. The ones in pots were okay because we had set them in the carport before leaving. Would I go again, You Bet!!!

One thought on “Day Five at the Space Coast Birding Festival

  1. Howdee Lee,

    I am exhausted! We went to the picnic..didnt see you there..

    after the picnic we went home and I fell asleep for a few hours! I havent blogged and I wont until tomorrow…I am just being lazy and hanging out with my kittie cat who misses me.


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