A Closer Look at the Evidence – Kleiss

A Closer Look at the Evidence by Richard & Tina Kleiss is a devotional book that has bite size information about incredible evidence about creation.

Here is a part of the review of the book by Timberdoodle.com

We have never seen such a unique and fascinating devotional book. It is one of a very few that we have used that tempts us to read on ahead! A Closer Look at the Evidence presents straightforward evidence, primarily scientific, for the existence of our Creator.

This book is organized into twenty-six different subject areas and draws from over fifty expert sources. Each of the 400+ pages highlights knowledge from a Biblical perspective. Each day’s devotion is a full page of concise, well-researched, factual information with reference material noted if you desire more specifics.

The authors, Rich and Tina Kleiss, former public school science teachers, discovered that scientific evidence overwhelmingly supports creation. But evolution continues to be presented as fact in the media and textbooks, even as the evidence for creation is being systematically excluded.

By daily using and discussing A Closer Look at the Evidence, your family should not only learn the credible reasons for your belief in the Creator but also be equipped to share this truth with others. Each page ends with a related Bible verse…..

magnify_2748cDan and I use it daily after our regular devotions. I have been wanting to share these articles for some time and have decided to do so in a series called, “When I Consider!” A quote from the book’s Dedication has encouraged me decide to do this.

God’s desire is that the knowledge of what He has done through both the cross and creation is for everyone. We must not keep this knowledge to ourselves. The evidence that He is our Creator is so overwhelming and encouraging that it is desperately needs to be shared in the world today. A Closer Look at the Evidence is designed to be an affordable resource to both reinforce our individual faith and facilitate sharing the reasons for this faith. Consider praying about how God could use you to utilize the truths found in these pages.

The book is available at not only Timberdoodle, but also at Answers in Genesis Bookstore  and Creation Moments and many other fine places.

The first in the “When I Consider!” will be posted below or Click Here.

One thought on “A Closer Look at the Evidence – Kleiss

  1. Thank you for this great information! Although I cannot afford to purchase this great book, I can visit this blog to read more of your posts. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and strength.


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