Interesting Things – The Leaf With An Appetite

From – The Hungry Leaf ©Creation Moments, 2011

(Thought you might enjoy reading this interesting fact from the Lord’s Creative Hand. What love He shows to us and to the world of critters and nature. Omnipotence and omniscience is definitely seen all around us, if we but look and give the credit to Whom it is do.)

Leaf Fish (Monocirrhus_polyacanthus) ©WikiC

Leaf Fish (Monocirrhus_polyacanthus) ©WikiC

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them. (Ephesians 2:10)

“It’s a warm day on the Amazon River. A small fish swims near the surface, looking among the natural floating river debris for some food. As he looks among the occasional leaf or twig in the water, he sees no danger. At the same time, one of the floating “leaves” is waiting for the little fish to move just a bit closer. Then, without warning, the floating “leaf” comes to life, grabs the fish and eats it!

What the little fish thought was simply another floating leaf was actually another fish. The Amazonian leaf fish is carefully designed not only to look like a leaf, but to act like one as well. It has a flat body, very much like a leaf. A black line runs the length of its body, giving the appearance of the midrib of a leaf. A fleshy growth in its lower jaw looks like a leaf stem.

Beyond looking like a leaf, the leaf fish also acts like a leaf. It lies still in the water, drifting with the current. To hide its identity further, it draws its fins close to its body, removing any last hint that it is indeed a hungry fish looking for lunch.

The leaf fish combines deceptive coloring, appearance and behavior into one design so that it, too, can make its living. In this, the leaf fish shows that the Creator makes nothing without also designing a special purpose for that creature. According to the Bible, the same can be said even more emphatically for each human being He has made. Your Creator has a special purpose for you, too, and it begins with His plan of salvation for you through His Son, Jesus Christ.
Dear Father in heaven, through the instruction of Your Word, help me to better learn how to define who and what I am more completely in the knowledge of Your forgiving love to me in Jesus Christ. Amen.”
Hanson, Jeanne K., and Deane Morrison. 1990. “The wonderful weird of flora and fauna.” Star Tribune First Sunday, Dec. 2. p. 17.

Lee’s Addition:

“Leaffishes are small freshwater fishes of the Polycentridae family, from South America.

They usually have large heads, cryptic colors and very large protractile mouths. Those features, along with their peculiar movements help them to catch fairly large prey for the size of their bodies, including small fish, aquatic insects and other invertebrates. Their odd leaf-like appearance make them interesting fishes for aquarium hobbyists. That is likely because of their unique lifestyle, hanging around in the upper story of the tank imitating the leaves that commonly fall in temperate rivers were it typically lives. They are extremely agile hunters, capable of consuming prey within a quarter of a second (0.2 seconds) making them one of the worlds fastest fish.” (Wikipedia)

“Asian leaffishes are small freshwater fishes of the Nandidae family, from Southern Asia. There are only four genera in this group. These fish usually have small heads, coloration that appears to resemble leaves and very large protractile mouths. Those features, along with their peculiar movements (seemingly intended to resemble a leaf innocently moving through the water) help them to catch fairly large prey compared to their body size, including small fish, aquatic insects and other invertebrates. They tend to stay in one place and wait for prey–they are “lie-in-wait-predators.” (Wikipedia with editing)

Here is an interesting video about the leaffish from VinLWJ

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