One is Enough ~ by Dottie Malcolm

American Robin by Dan at Lake Howard

American Robin by Dan

“One is Enough” ~ by Dorothy “Dottie” Belle Malcolm

Having just returned home from a house cleaning job, my mind wasn’t about birds, but the greeting I would get from my dog Ruby. She was her usual happy, jumpy, self – anticipating a doggy treat for being left home alone.

I was not happy to find her soaking wet. This meant I had not closed the door well to the shower room and she had spent her time there during my absence. It would have been OK except my shower drips continuously – (yes, I do have a plan to have it checked out.) And this is a dog who hated to be showered! Figure that.

So anyway, I told her I needed to check the mail. And yes, she knows what this means. She ran outdoors and as we headed for the mailbox I heard a very familiar sound. We had startled a robin! Oh joy! I carefully began looking for it and found it was still hanging around a flower bed.

I don’t remember who I thanked first, the robin for being in my yard, or the Lord for sending it there!

It is the first and so far the only one I have seen in my yard this year. Recalling the year my yard was filled with them in Feb. 2010 and had told them they were all welcome back, put paid no return visits.

Having at least one, made my day. I’m not hard to please. I do hope to see it again, but if not, I’m happy anyway.

Every time I look out the window on this beautiful spring day, I will have a spirit of thanksgiving. Being able to enjoy God’s Creation is a great blessing.

One Robin is enough.

Dot Malcolm

(Feb 15, 2013)

Be glad in the LORD and rejoice, you righteous; And shout for joy, all you upright in heart! (Psalms 32:11 NKJV)

American Robin (Turdus migratorius)by Raymond Barlow

American Robin)by Raymond Barlow

Lee’s Addition:

What a great event. Dottie handed this to me Saturday morning at our annual Volunteer’s Breakfast. All those who volunteer around church are treated to a meal prepared by our Pastors and staff. Dottie has been a faithful Primary Sunday School teacher for years. Reading this story, I can see why they all love her and enjoy her teaching so much. Thank you, Dottie.

See her other articles:


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