Birds of the Bible – Goldfinches Are On The Way

Goldfinches 4-1-13 No screen clean window (7)

Even the stork in the sky knows her seasons. The turtledove, swallow, and crane are aware of their migration, but My people do not know the requirements of the LORD. (Jeremiah 8:7 HCSB)

We have been having American Goldfinches at the feeders for the last few weeks. Don’t see them often, so was enjoying their presence. They kept building in numbers from 6 at first, then 12 about a week ago, then Easter Sunday there were at least 20 of them. It even motivated me to wash the window and take out the screen on Monday to get better photos of them.

Yesterday morning, Wednesday, I checked out the window to see how many there were now. Not a one! So throughout the morning I kept checking, NONE! When we went out, there was no singing in the trees that we have been hearing lately. Needless to say, I was a little disappointed, but it didn’t take long to figure out where they were. GONE!!!

Keep your eyes open up north, the Goldfinches are on the way. This is a spring occurrence down here. The birds fold up their lounge chairs, pack the bellies full of my sunflower seed and head back home. They have territories to claim, nest to build, broods to raise and give you now the pleasure of viewing them and listening to their songs. ENJOY!

It’s your turn to enjoy the Lord’s beautiful American Goldfinches as they migrate up to you. Treat them nice and when fall comes, send them back, please.

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10 thoughts on “Birds of the Bible – Goldfinches Are On The Way

  1. I am in N.Y. and we usually have the goldfinches here in winter and summer. This year they left in winter and still watching for their return. The thistle seed is waiting for them! :0)


  2. I was fortunate enough to discover your blog today and what an appropiate posting. I’ve had the last couple of days off for vacation and think ‘your goldfinches’ may have stopped here for a couple of days.

    Nom, nom, nom


  3. Lee,
    I am new to bird watching and feeding. About a month ago I had goldfinches for a day and then poof, they were gone! I bought a special feeder and food for them so I am hoping they come back. I live in Connecticut.


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