New Project – Our Birdwatching Photos

Wood Duck - Lake Morton by Lee

Wood Duck – Lake Morton by Lee

O LORD, how manifold are thy works! in wisdom hast thou made them all: the earth is full of thy riches. (Psalms 104:24 KJV)

While working on Family pages, it dawned on me that very few of our photos have been used. We, Dan and I, do take quite a few photos while on our birdwatching adventures into the wild and at the zoos. Actually, I take about 4-5 more than he does on each adventure (more like 10-1). He spends his time trying to compose his shots and do all that sort of stuff. Me, I have a Program mode Panasonic Lumix that I shoot, shoot, shoot. Of course, his photos are always better and he knows how to prep them better, but I get more “action” photos. I have action of the bird moving (blurred), flying off (blurred), turning around (blurred), behind a fence (bird-blurred, fence-clear), in a tree (bird-blurred, branch with leaves-clear). Every once in a while I get a nice photo that isn’t too blurred that could be shared with you.

Another thing he has tried to teach me is the 1/3rd thing. Me, I want that bird right in the middle of my shot so that when I get home I can try to find it behind those clear fences and branches. To me, my photos are for “proof” that the bird was seen and also to try to figure out what it really was. You see, I am a “birdwatcher” and he is a “photographer.” There is a difference! You can blend the two, but there IS a different attitude at work here.

Yesterday the Our Birdwatching Photos page was created and a new tab was placed up at the top. Now, I am working on creating pages, by families, of our photos. Most will be mine, because I take more and he already has a website for his photos at Dan’s Pix. I will be copying some of his over here of course and maybe I can get some of his “unpublished” ones also.

Elegant Crested Tinamou (Eudromia elegans) Cloud Forest at Zoo Miami by Lee

Elegant Crested Tinamou (Eudromia elegans) at Zoo Miami by Lee

Don’t expect the greatest photos, because I am not a great photographer, but I enjoy “watching” the birds. The Lord has created so many birds that are just so beautiful and unique. The variety is amazing. The colors are  breathtaking at times. The birds are adorable, cute, ugly, big, little, tall, short, evasive, calm, fidgety, graceful, etc. They sing some of the most beautiful songs and some have terrible tunes, but don’t you just enjoy watching and listening to them?

O Lord, how many and varied are Your works! In wisdom have You made them all; the earth is full of Your riches and Your creatures. (Psalms 104:24 AMP)

O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out! (Romans 11:33 KJV)

Blurred, but isn't it cute?

Sandhill Crane Chick at Circle B by Lee – Blurred, but isn’t it cute?


Our Birdwatching Photos

Dan’s Pix


6 thoughts on “New Project – Our Birdwatching Photos

  1. I loved this, and your pictures are great! Tell your hubby that’s what computer photo programs are for. If you want the bird in the right third (or left third) of the picture, all you have to do is put the pic in the photo program and cut off a little of that side.


    • I love that remark! Thanks, I’ll try to remember that. We tease back and forth all the time like that. Maybe that’s why we’ll be celebrating 50 years together.


  2. Sure I do.. As you have said, “The variety is amazing. The colors are breathtaking at times. The birds are adorable, cute, ugly, big, little, tall, short, evasive, calm, fidgety, graceful, etc”. How amazing those wonderful creatures are…I’m learning a lot………. from your writings and photos as well! I’m sure you’re good in photography too:)


    • Thanks, Sarah, for enjoying the birds also and for commenting. I do get a few good shots in once and awhile, but I photograph more for the memories of what I am seeing.


  3. Lee, You may not be the worlds best photographer, but like myself you write a blog which increases peoples faith and helps them to see what the Bible is saying. I bet that not all of your photos are blurred !


    • Thanks, Peter for the encouragement. Yes, the Bible is true and full of truths waiting to be seen through unblurred eyes.
      I do chuck a lot of photos. :)


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