Sandra’s New Kooky Experiment

Guira Cuckoo by Dan

Guira Cuckoo by Dan

My friend, Sandra Conner, over at The Right Word Makes All The Difference, has come up with a new kooky experiment. Instead of, or in addition to, her Six Word Saturday posts, she came up with this schedule:

Now, this week, I got a really kooky idea. Why not do a post every day of the week — each day receiving its own number of words?

Monday = One-Word Post
Tuesday = Two-Word Post
Wednesday = Three-Word Post
Thursday = Four-Word Post
Friday = Five-Word Post
Saturday = Six-Word Post
Sunday = Seven-Word Post

So that’s what I’m going to do for the next three weeks. Now, I will be posting other regular posts as well, as the mood strikes me, but I’m going to challenge myself to say something relevant — or at least that means something to me — in the restricted number of words for each day.

Here is her Seven-Word Sunday – 1/24/16

She has challenged us to try to do the same for three weeks. Many times she inserts a picture along with six words on Saturdays.  I think I will take the challenge, except the photos or videos here will be, you guessed it, birds. Also, something honoring the Lord.

Since it’s late Sunday evening, I’ll give it a try. Watch for the next post.


Seven-Word Sunday – 1/24/16

One-Word Monday – 1/25/16

Two-Word Tuesday – 1/26/16

Three-Word Wednesday – 1/27/16

Four-Word Thursday – 1/28/16

Five-Word Friday – 1/29/16

Six-Word Saturday – 1/30/16

Seven-Word Sunday – 1/31/16

One-Word Monday – 2/1/16

Two-Word Tuesday – 2/2/16

Three-Word Wednesday – 2/3/16

Four-Word Thursday – 2/4/16

Five-Word Friday – 2/5/16

Six-Word Saturday – 2/6/16

Seven-Word Sunday – 2/7/16

One-Word Monday – 2/8/16

Two-Word Tuesday – 2/9/16

Three-Word Wednesday – 2/10/16

Four-Word Thursday – 2/11/16

Five-Word Friday – 2/12/16

Six-Word Saturday – 2/13/16

End of Challenge


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