Interesting Things – Dragonflies II




Interesting Things – Dragonfly gave a lot of detail about the Dragonflies. Now the researchers have produced some very interesting details about their migration.  According to the “Mail Online”, they have longest migration by insects. They “fly 11,000 mile round-trip over ocean.” and the “BCC-Earth News” also has an article about their incredible journey.

From the BBC Earth News: “Every year, millions of dragonflies fly thousands of kilometres (11,000 miles) across the sea from southern India to Africa.

So says a biologist in the Maldives, who claims to have discovered the longest migration of any insect.

If confirmed, the mass exodus would be the first known insect migration across open ocean water.”

They go on to mention the Monarch Butterfly’s migration is much less lengthy, only traveling around 8,600 miles round-trip.

Round-trip of Dragonfly

Round-trip of Dragonfly from Mail Online

What an amazing feat these dragonflies perform. Below are the links to the articles, but what a fantastic Creator we have. As you read the articles, you cannot but be amazed by the way they were programmed to sense the weather patterns, knowing when the rains would be there, etc. There is no way this just happened without a designer.

O LORD, how many are Your works! In wisdom You have made them all; The earth is full of Your possessions. (Psalms 104:24 NASB)

Longest insect migration revealed by BBC Earth News”

Longest insect migration ever as dragonflies fly 11,000-mile round-trip over ocean” by Mail Online

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One thought on “Interesting Things – Dragonflies II

  1. 11,000 miles across the ocean? That is truly amazing! You and I couldn’t do that, due to our body fat. Ha! Really, though, look at them. They weigh practically nothing! And hey, what else do they have to do? (I’m chuckling.)

    I’m impressed with the 8,600 miles of the butterflies. To think they go all that way JUST TO SEE ME! Yep, it’s all about me.

    “God will make a way where there seems to be no way…” (Thank you, Don Moen)


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