“Deceit is in the heart of them that imagine evil: but to the counsellors of peace is joy.” (Proverbs 12:20)

Interesting Things from Smiley CentralA few years ago, a news release revealed the result of a poll on what Americans prefer to have taught in public schools about origins. The poll was done for an organization that favors a dogmatic teaching of evolution. The news release stated only that a huge majority of Americans, 83 percent, favor the teaching of evolution in the public schools. We at Creation Moments were led to investigate this poll more closely since this poll result runs contrary to other recent polls.

Typical classroom.

The professional polling organization polled 1,500 people about whether creation or evolution should be taught in the public schools. Indeed, 83 percent said they believe that the theory of evolution should be taught in the public schools. However, what was not included in the popular reporting of the poll was that 79 percent of those polled said that creation should also be taught in the schools. Only 20 percent of those polled felt that evolution only should be taught. Clearly, Americans prefer both creation and evolution presented to the students so that they can make up their own minds. Equally notable is that almost half of those polled agreed with the statement that evolution is “far from being proven to be scientific.”

While the statement that 83 percent of those polled favor evolution being taught is true, it leaves out the most important part of the poll’s findings. Clearly, ordinary people want to hear about God’s creation.

Dear Father, help us never to be deceived by the forces of darkness. Amen.
Christian News, 4/3/00, p. 2. Photo: Typical classroom. Courtesy of © Malate269.

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  1. It is an interesting fact that when people deliberately choose to ignore the truth, and runaway from being accountable to God, they find it easy to be dishonest with it to suit their own secular humanist philosophical cause. This makes us wonder how much of so called ‘science’ is really science and not one’s philosophical interpretation. Many don’t know that Darwin confessed there was no proof found for his hypothesis on the origin of the species before he died. I personally know, as a medical scientist, that in many instances the so called findings documented in high school and university text books, and taught to us and our children can not be scientifically substantiated but in fact as Dr Gary Parker has shown is a deliberate hoax, and its all wrapped up in the so called ‘millions of years’ when in fact all research shows it is impossible, but ‘thousands of years’ is what science and even history shows us. The millions of years follow the theory of uniformaterianism theory, ie. with nothing else changing. They refuse to acknowledge the world flood, for fear of admitting accountability to a God who judges sin. It is this world flood that better explains our geological and fossil findings in more real terms.

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    • Great reply and very interesting. Thanks. Man does many things to not have to face the truth, yet one day they will have no choice. Better to deal with it now, than at judgment. God loves the atheist even if he denies Him.

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