Latest Birdwatching Adventure to Lake Morton

View at Lake Morton

View at Lake Morton

We made a short birdwatching trip over to Lake Morton in Lakeland, FL recently. Dan wanted to check out something with his camera and of course I tagged along. As I have mentioned lately, my back is acting up, so I just walked about 40 feet and sat on a bench. It is amazing what you can see at the lake just sitting in one spot. I was about that far from the shore to watch all the activity swimming by.

First I was greeted with a momma Mallard swimming with her to babies.

Momma Mallard and 2 Babies at Lake Morton

Momma Mallard and 2 Babies at Lake Morton

Then a Black-necked Swan went the other way.

Black-necked Swan at Lake Morton

Black-necked Swan at Lake Morton

White Pelican made several circles over head:

White Pelican Flying Overhead

White Pelican Flying Overhead

A Male Ring-necked Duck swam by:

Ring-neck Duck Swimming

Ring-necked Duck Swimming

My attention turned to one of the Avian Wonders I am so amazed at watching. “Big Foot” Coot came by. I always like to watch their feet. Then a group of them came by and while watching them walk away from me, I actually saw a bit of the underside of those amazing feet. Here is a series of photos of the Coots:

It always amazes me how they can walk without stumbling over their own feet. Their feet are so useful in the water, but on shore they seem “weird” to me. See Birdwatching – American Coot.

Took this photo from the internet:

Lobed Feet of American Coot - Underside ©Beakycoot

Lobed Feet of American Coot – Underside ©Beakycoot

The last bird we watched before leaving was a favorite around here. A Great Blue Heron stopped by.

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

There were other birds around, but for now, this gives you a little bit of my latest blessings from birdwatching. Not bad birdwatching for just sitting in one spot. The Lord is Good.

“He does great things past finding out, Yes, wonders without number.” (Job 9:10 NKJV)


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4 thoughts on “Latest Birdwatching Adventure to Lake Morton

  1. Nice little birding trip Lee with water birds. I do like your Black-necked Swan, quite impressive bird. The feet of the coot and other water shore birds quite surprised me when I first saw them out of the water, they certainly have been well designed for walking on water plants and wading. Thanks for sharing your outing, and praying your back improves,I know what a bad back is like also.

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