Strawberry (Red-faced) Mousebird – Urocolius Indicus

Red-faced Mousebird (Urocolius indicus) ©Our Rumbling Ocean

Red-faced Mousebird (Urocolius indicus) ©Our Rumbling Ocean

Red-faced Mousebird

Endemic to Africa, about the size of a normal sparrow, crested head and beautiful cinnamon colored breast and strawberry red mask and bill. They are especially beautiful in the early morning sun. Their general body color is blue-grey or slate-ish.

With its long tail, about the same length as the body, they look like mice when they climb around in trees, therefore the name. Their outside toes are reversed to allow them to do just that, moving forward and backward as they climb around in the trees. They are more nervous of people than especially the Speckled Mousebird, which we have done before….. (To see the rest of the article – click here)

Lee’s Addition:

The shield of his mighty men is made red, the valiant men are in scarlet: … (Nahum 2:3a KJV)

Strawberry (Red-faced) Mousebird – Urocolius Indicus is re-blogged and was written on one of the blogs I follow, Our Rumbling Ocean. It is produced in South Africa.

Anyway, I wanted to share these beautiful Mousebirds with you.

Mousebirds are members of the Mousebirds – Coliidae Family and consist of only six species. And, no, the plural of Mousebird is not “Micebirds.”


Our Rumbling Ocean

Mousebirds – Coliidae Family

Birds of the World




4 thoughts on “Strawberry (Red-faced) Mousebird – Urocolius Indicus

  1. Hi, I have just rescued this bird (Strawberry Mousebird) from the clutches of my cat, it seems fairly unharmed, save for an abrasion on the shoulder part of the left wing. I applied a few drops of cetrimide solution and also administered some apple juice. The bird seems fine, except for the lack of tail feathers. It also seems pretty young as it has not mastered flight yet. I currently have it in a cockatiel cage, with water, seed and 1/2 small ripe tomato.
    I would like to release it again, but don’t know if I should chance it.
    Any suggestions, please?


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