Eleventh Anniversary – What Next?

Snowy Egret Viera Wetlands – 12-31-2018 by Lee

The last three post, which were about this Eleventh Anniversary of Lee’s Birdwatching Adventures Plus, are listed below. But what about the future of this adventure with Birds, the Bible, and Birdwatching? Do I stop, slow-down, or continue? All three of those choices have crossed my mind.

What would you, my readers, want me to do? What do I want to do? What would the Lord have me do?

Could I be like Paul and say, “And having this confidence, I know that I shall abide and continue with you all for your furtherance and joy of faith;” (Philippians 1:25 KJV)?

Or like Paul told Timothy, “But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them;”(2 Timothy 3:14 KJV)?

Not sure how much joy or learning has been imparted, but the effort has been there. I trust the past 11 years has had useful information and been a blessing to most of you. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing these articles, along with my other writers, and been blessed by the Lord for these efforts.

Limpkin (Aramus guarauna) at South Lake Howard Nature Park by Lee

Because of the issues with the last two back surgeries, my birdwatching adventures have slowed way down. That is part of the dilemma. The use of a walker or cane prevents some adventures. There are always zoos and places with boardwalks. So, hopefully the Lord still has some of His birds for me to watch and maybe get their photos. Doing articles about those listed below are much easier because they only require an “at home adventure.” :)

Oh! What Do I Do?  – Flamingo at Gatorland – 3-8-16 by Lee

Here are my questions to readers:

Do you mind if the “out in the field” birdwatching isn’t written about as much?

Would you like to see some of the original “Birds of the Bible” articles updated? [That can be handled easily.]

Which series would you like to see more articles about?

It would be nice and very helpful if you could leave some remarks. Maybe you even have an idea for a new series.

Please leave a comment if you can. If you are not a blogger, you can leave remarks at Lee@leesbird.com

Dr Jim (JJSJ) and Golden Eagle Feeding – Lake Morton by Lee

Previous Articles about this Eleventh Anniversary:



12 thoughts on “Eleventh Anniversary – What Next?

  1. Even if you slow down with posting, as long as you enjoy it, you definitely shouldn’t stop. I found your blog after reading a 10000birds article about how people who believe in creation can’t appreciate birds as much as evolutionists, and I decided to see if there were any pro-creation Christian birding websites.

    Of course, I disagree with that article on the basis that biblical creationists enjoy birds more since we see the brilliance of our Creator through them.

    I’ll be spending this weekend reading through your Birds of the Bible posts; I started birding almost 3 years ago and have been wanting to go through the Bible to find all the verses containing references to birds. Thank you for doing this for so long and I pray that you continue showing God to people through his feathered creatures.

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    • Wow! Thank you and I hope you have lots of time. :) There are quite a few, and not all of them are listed on the Birds of the Bible page. Forgot to list some of them there. Searching may help you find a certain passage. I am hoping to redo some of those older ones. You and the other commenting have been a big encouragement to continue trying to find connections between God’s Word and His wonderful “birds of the air.” Yes, I do enjoy writing these articles. I am sure the Lord has had much to do with that.


  2. I’m trying to write this while still laughing from last March’s video with the baby crocodiles. I was taking a little journey around, refreshing my memory about the details of each section you have been offering before I wrote a comment. I discovered during that journey that I had totally missed the crocodile video, so I had to stop and watch it before continuing.

    Well, to answer your questions, I would say first of all that you CANNOT quit blogging. Not just because of the information your share, but because of your heart and the anointing of the Lord on you when you share about the Lord and His creation — and how much we can learn from it. I agree with one of the other comments that you don’t have to continue to be as structured as you have been. Maybe it would make you feel a little more free to just go onto the site and post whatever you’re in the mood to post. I know I wouldn’t mind that.

    On my site, I have categories listed in my navigation bar, but the links take people to all kinds of different material. It’s just that I’ve labeled that material with that category, so it comes up when they click that link. But I haven’t tried to make things fit into any specific structure or plan. And I think, because of my nature, that’s the only way I could do a blog. So I’m probably prejudiced by my own lack of structure.

    Yours has been so beautifully organized and structured that it puts mine to shame, and if you can still get pleasure from doing it that way, then that would be great. It makes things super easy for people to find specific things. But I honestly think most people would enjoy it as much if you just posted about whatever is on your heart that particular day. It might be a one-word devotional, or just a photo — or it could be a whole treatise on one particular bird family. Most of all you should try to have fun with this blog. You’re doing your job for the Kingdom of God by just being here and communicating. So do it in the way that is most comfortable and fun for you. I honestly believe that’s what the Lord wants.

    Hope this was a little helpful as you try to make decisions.

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    • Wow, that is quite a response, and very helpful. Thank you for your insights. Yours, along with the other comments that have been left the last few days, have been very encouraging.
      Lord willing, the blog will continue, at least for awhile. Like you, I have been looking back over the material that has been produced through the years. I have seen things that could be updated, some series that were never finished, and mistakes [Oh, no! I’m human. :) ] There are still things to write about and new ideas have been jumping at me.
      You blog and teach blogging, so, I am sure most of us at some time question continuing. Or at least how often.
      The Lord has been encouraging me by the responses that have been sent. Guess He isn’t through with me yet. He keeps letting me have ideas about a blog, Just yesterday, in a ladies Bible study on Heaven, I had an idea for a 12 part series based on some verses in Revelation.
      Stay Tuned!

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      • I’ve been thinking a lot about Heaven the past year, and about how much I DON’T know about it. So I’d be interested in some posts about that subject for sure. You know, the Lord just might have in mind moving you gradually into a site where you share important things about Him and His Word that aren’t necessarily connected with birds at all. You may keep the birdwatching and bird education as one part of your site, but expand it to include a number of other Word-related categories. I’ve realized that the Lord has gradually been changing some things that He’s doing in my life and causing them to take a little bit of a new direction. And I believe He’s shown me that this year will see even more of that. So maybe that’s what He’s doing with you as well. It’s exciting — a little scary — but also encouraging — because He never takes us backwards or downwards. It’s always forward and upward to something better. And He’s for sure not done with you. He needs people like us who have lived decades digging into His Word and receiving revelation from it, and He needs us more now than in any other generation.

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        • Humm! Food for thought! My other big interest right now is tracing my genealogy. Not sure I could work that in, but there are plenty of scriptures, birds, and lesson to dig into. I guess we will never run out of things to write about, just time and energy.
          Hint: There are 12 precious stones that make up the New Jerusalem foundation. Humm! Are there birds with those names or colors to be found. Just a hint.

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  3. I understand Lee, it gets more difficult to do field observations as we mature into our latter years and mobility becomes more of a challenge, so being able to pass on the wisdom and findings of a life well lived is the greater task, mentoring the birders that follow behind us.

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