Does Global Warming Threaten Bird Habitats?

Tricolored Heron by Dan

Does Global Warming Threaten Bird Habitats?

Written by Dr. James J. S. Johnson in the latest Acts And Facts about birds, especially the Tricolored Heron, being affected by the threats of global warming.

“If you love birds, should you fight petroleum production in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? How you answer depends on whether you believe man-made global warming is threatening Earth’s climate. That crisis scenario is actually based on evolutionary old-earth assumptions,1 and constant media stories feed the fear.

An amateur naturalist recently sounded the global-warming alarm over tricolored herons expanding their range. He reported that about three-quarters of the population lived in Louisiana in 1976, but now many are relocating northward up the Atlantic coast.2 He had little trouble identifying the culprits:

Isolated islands, prime breeding grounds safe from land-based predators, are being lost everywhere to rising sea levels and devastating storms. The tricolor I was watching was apparently trying to adapt to a rapidly warming planet. It had arrived earlier and farther north than its ancestors ever did [sic].…Birds everywhere are being threatened by the climate crisis. The fossil fuel lobby and its enablers in Washington, DC, are handing tricolors and thousands of other species a life-threatening legacy.2

But wait! Are the fossil fuel lobby and the politically powerful petroleum industry really villains that are forcing the poor tricolored herons to migrate—in temperature-troubled desperation—to a Virginia wildlife refuge “farther north” than their ancestors had ever been? No, because the same writer admitted that earlier heron generations had populated eastern America outside of Louisiana….

Does Global Warming Threaten Bird Habitats?


5 thoughts on “Does Global Warming Threaten Bird Habitats?

  1. Lee, I just “happened” to find your website over the weekend, and can’t tell you how thrilled I am to discover a conservative Christian birding association. I know, of course, that it was the Lord’s doing and your “blog” today is balm to my soul. I’ve signed up for your daily messages.

    Really don’t know what blogging is or whether today’s e-mail from you is really a blog at all. Main thing is that I can get them! I’ll be 92 in about 5 weeks so am not into the latest technology–like cell phones, Ipads, pods or whatever, but I do have a used computer and have been having fun checking out your site. I retired to PA from New England and up until this season was still able to monitor bluebird boxes at a State Wildlife Preserve. Just no longer have the mobility to do so. Your site will continue my enjoyment of birds and at the same time thrill me with its Scriptural references, hymns, personal testimonies, photos, links ,etc. The praise belongs to Him alone! Thank you for building this site. It is a wonderful educational tool about a very special part of His creation but it’s also oh so much more! Thanks for following the Holy Spirit’s nudging to do this. I plan to share your website with like-minded friends.

    May our dear Lord bless both you and your ministry.

    In His love, Kay

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    • Thank you for “happening” by. Your words of encouragement are very much welcomed. The blog began over 11 years ago, and never expected it to be still going. The Lord has truly blessed along the way. Others have joined in, and they are well appreciated and have added many blessings to this blog. This article is by Dr. Johnson, who now writes quite regularly here. He is a birdwatcher along with all the other things he is involved in. Plus the many others who contribute.
      Yes, creation apologetics are emphasised. Birds display many ways to see the Lord’s Creative Hand at work.
      Blessings, Lee


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