Lee’s Seven Word Sunday – 12/25/16


Red-cockaded Woodpecker (Picoides borealis) 2-day olds ©USFWS



For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.” (Luke 2:11 KJV)

Red-cockaded Woodpecker (Picoides borealis) 2-day olds ©USFWS


Remember the story about the farmer who saw chickens frantically running scared around, at the beginning of a violent thunderstorm?  So the farmer tried to shoo the chickens into the nearby barn, where they all could wait out the storm quite safely.  But the chickens would not heed his helpful directions, so they continued in their group panic attack, wearing themselves out as they were frantically scurrying in circles, terrified at the noise and lightning bolts.  The man thought, “if only I could become a chicken, I could join them, and explain the way to safety – they could follow me into the barn and be safe!”

Thinking about this, later, he told his Bible teacher that he knew a little bit what God felt, when God decided to become a human, in order to secure our safety, when we were spiritually lost and confused (and living in fear of death), as sinners without hope in the world.  “But that is only a little bit comparable to what God did, when He chose to become human (as the Lord Jesus Christ) – at Christmas”, replied the Bible teacher.  “Do you mean because it wasn’t necessary for me to die for the chickens, and then rise from the dead 3 days later?” asked the farmer.  “Yes”, agreed the Bible teacher, “that and a lot more – because were you then willing to not only become a chicken long enough to get them into the barn, but also to continue being yourself — as well as being a chicken — simultaneously — forever, so that your rescued chickens would enjoy eternity with you as their Kinsman-King?”

Accordingly, as you look at the baby Red-cockaded Woodpeckers (above), ask yourself:  would I be willing to become one of them, and somehow continue to be myself (also), FOREVER, if that’s what would be necessary to save their little chicken “souls”?  CHRISTmas is huge in importance to us, of course – yet it was (and continues to be) huge to our incarnate God, the Lord Jesus Christ, too. (JJSJ)

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