Lee’s Three Word Wednesday – 7/12/17


Crimson-backed Flameback-©SamindaDeSilva-Flickr



“And the man bowed down his head, and worshipped the LORD.” (Genesis 24:26 KJV)

Crimson-backed Flameback-©SamindaDeSilva-Flickr


UPDATE – Praise the Lord, I am back home again. After two weeks in the Rehabilitation Hospital, I was healthy and strong enough to be released. Got home late Monday. I am still regaining my strength and will have some physical training at home for several weeks. Yet, Praise, I am back home. Yeah! Thanks for all the prayer and thoughts.

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4 thoughts on “Lee’s Three Word Wednesday – 7/12/17

  1. Thanks, Robbie. It feels good to be home, but I have limitations on what I can and can’t do. Thankfully, producing blogs is not one of them. :)
    It will take about 4 months for the bones to fuse, so I will have to be very careful not to twist, bend or lift too much. Thankfully, Dan is taking good care of me.


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