Learning from our Birds – The Leap of Faith – Re-post

My Christian friends I have met through blogging, Aussiebirder, just put out a very interesting and applicable application for faith. Please check out this blog:

The most interesting observation as a scientist that I have made over my years of birding and photographing birds is that of capturing what is termed the leap of faith. This phenomena is usually only observed in small passerines (tree perching birds) and not so much in larger species where much more effort is required to become airborne. The above photo was my first observation, taken of a Lord Howe Island Golden Whistler male leaping off a branch, into the air, quite confidently, with wings closed. My camera had caught something my limited human eye had not.

4 thoughts on “Learning from our Birds – The Leap of Faith – Re-post

      • There’s some great people in Australia. One of my favorites poets is from there. I became acquainted with him shortly after I started blogging, and I really respect his work. Dennis O’Brien is a fantastic satirical poet, who really lays it on the line about the ungodly, liberal media and political system — and about the direction the world is going where morality and sanity are concerned.

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