3 thoughts on “More of the Blackbird Family – Chapter 13

  1. What a delightful tale! However, I got nervous when I read this part: “He didn’t mean to doze, but whenever [he] sits still for a long time and tries to think, he is pretty sure to go to sleep. By and by he wakened with a start.” That could’ve been me being described! Back in AD1984, during a 3-hour-long law school exam, I was so exhausted that I fell asleep with my head on the desk, drooling on the final exam blue-book, as my last sentence shrunk in font and then scrawled into a jagged lightning bolt flourish. Since then, not a few times my wife has nudged me awake in church, during entertaining-instead-of-informative sermons — and she especially dislikes it when I snore loudly during the very long “organ recital” prayers at Sunday School. However, these many years later I can honestly say that I NEVER GET TIRED! How is that? — I don’t “get tired” because I stay tired. Zzzzzz.

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