Birds of the Bible – Review II

Blue Jay at Bok Tower by Dan's Pix

Blue Jay II at Bok Tower by Dan’s Pix

I will remember the works of the LORD: surely I will remember thy wonders of old. I will meditate also of all thy work, and talk of thy doings. (Psalms 77:11-12 KJV)

In 2008 Birds of the Bible – Review was written. Needless to say, many more articles have been added since then. Please take some time over the next few days and check out articles that you may have missed or you are new and didn’t know of their existence.

Scripture tells us to remember the Lord’s blessings and all His benefits. I consider watching birds one of the Lord’s great blessings. The previous articles were written in an attempt to honor the Lord through telling about His birds. I trust you will dig around and discover some interesting new or old avian friends to read and learn about.

Another reason for this blog is to ask for prayer for me. On Wednesday last week, I had a Squamous Cell Cancer removed from my neck, just under my chin. They attempted to remove it 6 months ago, but didn’t get it all. This time, he cut it out and I have an inch and half row of stitches. On Saturday, it started turning red and irritating me. Monday when I went back to have it looked at, it was infected. So, now I am on an antibiotic, which makes me sort of  drowsy. It hurts to lift my head up to look at the monitor (it pulls on the stitches), so the blogs have slowed down. My stitches are supposed to come out next Tuesday, the 8th of October.

Praise the Lord, with over 1,500 articles and 1,100 pages of material, surely there is something you haven’t read before. There are tabs or menus along the top which help you find different topics. Check them out. By you reading, it will also help my page view counts while I am in a “coasting” mode. Thank you.

Here are the Birds of the Bible Topics:

Birds of the Bible

Miscellaneous articles:

Names of Birds Study

Harriet Newell Cook – The Scripture Alphabet of Animals

Disclaimer About Bible Version Usage


2 thoughts on “Birds of the Bible – Review II

  1. Praying for you, Lee — there will be no stitches in Heaven, — but till now we “groan” (Romans chapter 8), waiting for the Lord’s return and His restoration of all things, including the complete redemption of our bodies,. Even the birds (showcased by your 1550+ articles!), as well as the rest of the animal kingdom, look forward to the Lord’s resoration of all things! > JJSJ


    • Thank you for your prayers. It is more of an inconvenience than anything. Can you image what the birds will look like when they are no longer under the curse?


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