Sunday Inspiration – Passeriformes Review II

Bay-backed Shrike (Lanius vittatus) by Nikhil Devasar

Bay-backed Shrike (Lanius vittatus) by Nikhil Devasar

Remember that thou magnify his work, which men behold. (Job 36:24)

This is the second part of our review of the Passeriformes – Songbird families, which were all presented weekly. The slide show will show one or two photos from each family. These are in taxonomic order. Part I of the Review covered the New Zealand Wrens to Mottled Berry Hunters. This week we will review the Ioras to the Babblers.

Also, the links to these families will be listed and the article associated with them. There will be one more review (III). There are 131 families. All total, there are over 6,000 birds in these families and thankfully, most of them we were able to show. Some photos are protected by copyright and it was not possible to find a photo. Yet, there were more show than we would ever be able to see individually, in person.

Aegithinidae – Ioras
Campephagidae – Cuckooshrikes
Mohouidae – Whiteheads
Neosittidae – Sittellas
Eulacestomidae – Ploughbill
Oreoicidae – Australo-Papuan Bellbirds
Pachycephalidae – Whistlers and allies
Laniidae – Shrikes
Vireonidae – Vireos, Greenlets
Oriolidae – Figbirds, Orioles
Dicruridae – Drongos
Rhipiduridae – Fantails
Monarchidae – Monarchs
Corvidae – Crows, Jays
Corcoracidae – Australian Mudnesters
Melampittidae – Melampittas
Ifritidae – Ifrita
Paradisaeidae – Birds-of-paradise
Petroicidae – Australasian Robins
Picathartidae – Rockfowl
Chaetopidae – Rockjumpers
Eupetidae – Rail-babbler
Bombycillidae – Waxwings
Ptiliogonatidae – Silky-flycatchers
Hypocoliidae – Hypocolius
Dulidae – Palmchat
Mohoidae – Oos
Hylocitreidae – Hylocitrea
Stenostiridae – Fairy Flycatchers
Paridae – Tits, Chickadees
Remizidae – Penduline Tits
Nicatoridae – Nicators
Panuridae – Bearded Reedling
Alaudidae – Larks
Pycnonotidae – Bulbuls
Hirundinidae – Swallows, Martins
Pnoepygidae – Wren-babblers
Macrosphenidae – Crombecs, African Warblers
Cettiidae – Cettia Bush Warblers and allies
Scotocercidae – Streaked Scrub Warbler
Erythrocercidae – Yellow Flycatchers
Incertae-Sedis– Family Uncertain-Warbler, Hylia
Aegithalidae – Bushtits
Phylloscopidae – Leaf Warblers and allies
Acrocephalidae – Reed Warblers and allies
Locustellidae – Grassbirds and allies
Donacobiidae – Black-capped Donacobius
Bernieridae – Malagasy Warblers
Cisticolidae – Cisticolas and allies
Timaliidae – Babblers
Pellorneidae – Fulvettas, Ground Babblers

Chestnut-backed Scimitar Babbler (Pomatorhinus montanus) ©WikiC

Chestnut-backed Scimitar Babbler (Pomatorhinus montanus) ©WikiC

Here are the Sunday Inspiration articles that were written about these families.

Cuckooshrikes ~ “There’s Something About That Name” ©The Hyssongs

Whistlers and Avian Friends ~ “”The Love of God” ~ Dr. Richard Gregory

Shrikes and Vireos ~ “El Shaddai” – by Nell Reese

Figbirds, Orioles and Drongos ~ “He Touched Me” -~ ©The Hyssongs

Fantails ~ “So Send I You” – Men’s Quartet – Faith Baptist

Monarchs ~ “He’s Looking on You” ~ by Dr. Richard Gregory

Crows and Jays ~ “Peace Medley” ~ by Faith Baptist Choir

Independence Day ~ “Military Medley” ~ Faith Baptist Orchestra

From Mud to Beauty ~ “I Heard The Voice of Jesus” ~ By Sean Fielder

Australian Robin and Friends ~ “Hiding in the Shadow of the Rock” ~ © Dr. Richard Gregory

Deep Love of Jesus ~ “Oh The Deep, Deep, Love of Jesus” ~ Megan Fee and Jill Foster

Tits, Chickadees and Penduline Tits ~ “Just a Little Talk With Jesus Makes It Right” ~ Vegter Quartet (together for Vi’s 90th Birthday)

Larks ~ “His Eye Is On The Sparrow ” – by Kathy Lisby, Faith Baptist Church

Bulbuls ~ “How Deep The Father’s Love For Us” ~ played by Megan Fee and Jill Foster

Swallows and Martins ~ “If I Don’t Have Love” ~ by Jessie Padgett – Special at Faith Baptist

Wren-babblers – Crombecs and Bush Warblers – “Bow The Knee” ~ Sheila Vegter and Jacob (her son who is playing the piano and singing)

Little Beauties From The Lord ~ “Beautiful Saviour (Fairest Lord Jesus)”) ~ by Kid’s Choir at Faith Baptist

Reed Warblers ~ “When I Survey The Wondrous Cross” ~ by Miss Anna Pletcher (12 years old) on piano

Grassbirds and Allies ~ “The Church’s One Foundation” – Megan Fee, Cody Hancock & Dakota Hancock ~ at Faith Baptist

Worthy The Lamb ~ “Worthy The Lamb” ~ Choir at Faith Baptist Church

Cisticolas and Singing ~ “How Can I Keep From Singing?” ~  by the Trio + 1 (Pastor Jerry, Reagan Osborne, Caleb & Jessie Padgett) Faith Baptist

Fulvettas, Ground Babblers ~ “Everything’s Fine” ~ ©Hyssongs


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I will remember the works of the LORD: surely I will remember thy wonders of old. (Psa 77:11)

“Were You There, When They Crucified My Lord” – Communion Music – Organ & Piano


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