Woodstock’s Mating Dance

Woodstock and Mating Dance ©Peanuts

Well, it’s mating time here in Florida for many of our Herons and Egrets. Not that Woodstock is in their family, but he made his efforts.

Great Egret by Dan at Gatorland

We haven’t been to Gatorland yet this year, but reports are coming in for the mating of some and the hatching of other birds over there.

Gatorland 4-2-15 by Lee

Thought you might enjoy seeing some of the previous year’s photos of mating rituals. Maybe Woodstock can improve his technique from seeing them.

Tricolored Heron on Rail at Gatorland

The birds even brighten up their faces (lore) for mating. Wonder what Woodstock’s beak would look like?

Snowy Egret at Gatorland by Lee

Snowy Egret at Gatorland

Tricolored Heron at Gatorland

Tricolored Heron at Gatorland

Great Egret at Gatorland by Lee

SNOWY EGRETS, showing off for the Dusings (Lee Dusing photo, at Gatorland, Forida)

Where the birds make their nests: as for the stork, the fir trees are her house.” (Psalms 104:17 KJV)

When they get through all that displaying, eventually, we should start seeing some of these around there.

Baby Great Egret at Gatorland 3-6-18

Now! To find the time to get over to Gatorland. It’s only about 50 miles away.

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Cardinals Watching Out For Fallen Baby

Cardinal Brevard Zoo

At the Brevard Zoo today, we saw some Northern Cardinals flying really close to where I was standing.

Cardinal Brevard Zoo 7-3-18

I was enjoying getting some photos, when we noticed that they were feeding a youngster who had fallen out of the nest. It had landed on a palm leaf right above the walkway where I was standing.

Cardinal Baby Brevard Zoo 7-3-18

That is when I realized the Momma Cardinal was also keeping an eye on the situation.

Momma Cardinal Brevard Zoo 7-3-1

We were quite concerned that it might fall into the walkway and someone would step on it accidentally. At the next exhibit, we told the keeper. He asked if it was the one in the palm tree. Yes. Well, he had just put it back in the nest about 10 minutes before. Said he would go back and put it back in again.

We sure hope it makes it and quits getting out of the nest. It is too small to survive on its own and can’t fly yet. He also told us that there were no other little ones in the nest. I am sure that those concerned Cardinals will do their best.

“I know all the fowls of the mountains: and the wild beasts of the field are mine.” (Psalms 50:11 KJV)

I know the Lord, who Created Cardinals, knows all about the situation. If He cares about the littlest baby Cardinal, rest assured, He cares about you and I.

Photos aren’t the best, but I am writing this on my laptop and away from the editing program.

Baby Snowy Egrets at Gatorland

Snowy Egret in Nest by Lee

Snowy Egret in Nest by Lee

While walking around the rookery at Gatorland, we were able to view some Snowy Egrets at their nest. Dad was watching from above while mom was tending to the two baby “Snowies”.

Snowy Egret Dat at Nest by Lee

Snowy Egret Dat at Nest by Lee

Mom was keeping an eye on the little ones. (This is from my perspective – I could just see the tops of their heads)

Snowy Egret in Nest with babies by Lee

Snowy Egret in Nest with babies by Lee

Dan came along and I handed him my camera (to get a better view-he’s taller) Here is one of the babies on his camera:

Snowy Egret Baby by Dan

Snowy Egret Baby by Dan

and these are the ones we took with my camera and those with his:

As you view the chicks you will notice there is still an egg in there. That makes me think that these little “snowies” are maybe one or two days old at maximum.

Snowy Egrets are Birds of the Bible in the Heron family Ardeidae – Herons, Bitterns  and are on the “do not eat” list. Who would want to eat these cuties?

the stork, the heron after its kind, the hoopoe, and the bat. (Leviticus 11:19 NKJV)

the stork, the heron after its kind, and the hoopoe and the bat. (Deuteronomy 14:18 NKJV)

We also shot some video to share with you. The first part is by me and a photographer was beside me shooting in “burst” mode. Then Dan shot the second part and you can see in the nest better. – I’m short :)


Ardeidae – Herons, Bitterns

Birds of the Bible – Herons

Gatorland, FL

Sharing The Gospel


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Bring forth every living thing that is with you of all flesh–birds and beasts and every creeping thing that creeps on the ground–that they may breed abundantly on the land and be fruitful and multiply upon the earth. (Genesis 8:17 AMP)